Kaiva Kaimins Wears AL Fresco Navy.

Kaiva Kaimins Wears AL Fresco Navy.

By Abbie Miranda

A little Q&A with Kaiva Kaimins. Founder of My Lady Garden and collaborator on Beija's Al Fresco Navy collection seen here and available for pre-order now. The matching fresh and festive bunch of flowers is called the Beija X MLG Christmas Xplosion. Available to buy hereWhat inspired this collaboration?

Absolute brand love from my end, i've always wanted to collaborate to some degree with Beija! I love connecting with other female founders and was inspired by the team, and adore the beautiful designs they create.How did you find the shoot?

Really liberating! I was a bit nervous at first, but left feeling really empowered.

What's your favourite image from the shoot?

Any of the ones where we are laughing. It was really fun and they capture us in our element!What difficulties do you face being a female founder?

First impression bias! Working with flowers is considered hyper feminine, and sometimes people won't take me as seriously due to my gender on top of this! It's infuriating when people, especially men, assume I "play with flowers" all day and talk down to me saying what a "sweet little job" I must have. I also find it a struggle sometimes as having my own business at a young age intimidates people, so they back away from me.

Any plans to grow this relationship further?

Absolutely! Adore working with the Beija girls and can't wait to see what we come up with next!** Al Fresco navy arrives at the beginning of January. Please note we are unable to send out orders that contain Al Fresco navy PLUS other pieces from the Beija collection. You will need to make a separate order for the other items that you want to buy and these will be shipped immediately.

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