Laundry Day

Laundry Day

There's no denying that caring for your lingerie takes a little consideration. Your bra is made up of so many different components, it's best to be cautious when you wash it. 

To ensure the longevity of your bra, wash it every 5 or so wears and wash it gently. Firstly separate your whites from the colours and the darks. We advise to wash by hand using a detergent that is suitable for the job. Soak for a short while in the watery suds at approximately 40 degrees celsius and work the garment into a lather concentrating on the parts that get particularly grubby like the straps and around the wires. Then rinse thoroughly in clean water. 

We know lots of you will pop your bras into the washing machine. If you do, put it inside a lingerie wash bag and use a hand wash detergent on a hand wash cycle, again at around 40 degrees or lower. If you don't put the bra inside a lingerie bag (or pillow case) the wire could work it's way out and end up inside the machine, breaking it :( Also make sure there is no other clothing inside the drum that will damage your lingerie, particularly velcro!

If the bra has foam cups, smooth the wet cups outwards with your fingers. Dry the bra flat and away from a direct heat source like the radiator as this will cause the elastic in the bra to break and fray. 


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