Local London Consumer Brands Doing Business Globally

Local London Consumer's Doing Business Globally

Despite the difficulties 2020 brought us and the repercussions and recurrence of COVID-19 in 2021, there are still local, London based businesses that are doing really well globally. 

You will find these very brands in our very own home Coal Drop’s Yard. Brands such as Face Gym with 460 thousand followers and global successes known world wide such as Diesel, Cos, Fred Perry etc.

 Twiin, our Coal Drop’s Yard neighbour, has a store in LA (interestingly enough where the brand name comes from) that is doing super well. Twiin stocks lots of amazing LA vibe brands that we can enjoy here in London. Missing holidays? Well Twiin’s pieces will soon inspire your next holiday outfits (whenever that might be)! 

Even during a pandemic, at Beija we launched our very own pieces on Victoria’s Secret in the United States!! It was a special moment for us as a small independent brand and we hope for women in the world who feel excluded in the lingerie department. The fact a size 36H can now shop at Victoria’s Secret is a pretty big deal. We also launched on ASOS which was huge for our brand. The amount of people that use ASOS as their main shopping site is wild and the fact they’re browsing through and landing on our brand is very special. 

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