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M&S bras and Beija London : Musings on modernity and tradition.

M&S bras and Beija London : Musings on modernity and tradition.

We at Beija have always looked upon M&S bras with a certain fondness. I mean who doesn’t? They started selling bras in the 1920s, in other words this isn’t their first rodeo. It’s almost a mother and daughter tradition that your first bra fitting is an M&S bra fitting. 

Now I think about it, given their roughly ⅓ market share, I am sure a sizeable number of you women reading this own at least one Marks and Spencer bra. Whether it be the trademark Marks and Spencer strapless bra for a summer wedding, or an M&S sports bra for a spot of tennis/yoga/pilates or even an M&S nursing bra when embarking on the adventures of breastfeeding.

As we said, at Beija London we have a lot of love for Marks and Spencer bras and their bra fittings, but, despite this, we do feel times are changing and the modern woman needs modern solutions. In particular, at Beija we felt frustrated that industry wide an AA cup size has historically tended to be sold basic flimsy crop tops while women with larger cup sizes have been sold unattractive ‘boulder holders’ with thick straps and old fashioned styling. 

That’s what prompted us to introduce our X, Y and Z™ sizing categories which gives a great fit that is specific to you and something cool no matter what cup size you are. Breaking it down, our X collection consists of soft non-wired bralette styles that are designed for smaller cup sizes (AA - C). Next up is our Y collection that is made up of underwired bras intended to be comfortable and enhance your natural shape for B-D cup sizes. Last but not least, is our Z category for DD-H cup sizes which have been cleverly constructed with technical fabrics to ensure extra support for the larger cup size without compromising on style - say goodbye to bra extenders! 

Away from our insistence that one style doesn’t fit all and belief that your cup size shouldn’t dictate how you shop for women’s lingerie, we also like to look at ourselves as a new brand with heritage. Beija was founded by sisters Abbie Miranda and Mazie Fisher who grew up in the lingerie family manufacturing business (yes lingerie was often on the kitchen table) meaning that their vision to create a lingerie store that is relatable to many types and sizes of women is backed up by a technical team with over a hundred years in combined experience along with access to the world’s premier fabric mills and factories. This is also paired with our commitment to ethical and working practices throughout our supply chain where our packaging is recyclable and fits through your letterbox

So we thank you for reading the above and hope you elect to join the Beija family and our mission to create a healthier lingerie store landscape for our daughters and future generations across the world. 


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