Meanwhile In

Meanwhile In

By Abbie Miranda

So last summer was a write off. We told ourselves to be patient, and look forward to summer ‘21. Well. We don’t know about you, but this summer seems pretty strange too. Not as apocalyptic certainly, but definitely not care free just yet! Still cautious, absolutely spent and longing for a break. Some of us just don’t have the head space, the patience, the finances or energy to navigate the logistics of booking a week in the sun. Though that’s not to say we don’t love to see it! And my goodness, someone has to kick start the economy - no pressure!

Beija’s summer campaign is called Meanwhile In. It celebrates the women that managed to get away. And the women that stayed at home. We’ve captured fun in the sun with an all girls trip to Portugal, and hazy days by the marshes in Hackney. A touch of glamour from the Balearics, in contrast to a blast of hedonism from the hose in the back garden.

Our aim is to see you. Our goal is to reflect your lives in ways that are relevant to you so that you see yourselves in our imagery. Beija wants you to feel seen and your lifestyles documented. We are a diverse bunch, there are similarities and differences between us - and social media has a particularly picanté feel to it this summer as we ride waves of jealousy seeing people jetting about, cold glass of rosé blush in hand. However, this doesn’t take anything away from your summer. You, grabbing a bit of Vitamin D, between torrential showers, sitting on your garden furniture which needs sanding and painting, and healing. 

Beija’s swimwear collection called Get Wet is the only bikini you’ll need this summer. If you’re top off on your lunch break in Soho square, or on the back of a boat - Get Wet is supportive, chic and won’t let you down. It really is the perfect black bikini! There’s no risk of pouring over, your boobs will look fantastic, and it’ll give you confidence. A mum of teenage boys, holidaying with them and a bunch of their mates, recently told us that the Get Wet Z bikini had saved her summer and the boy’s blushes as they sat around the table sharing lunch with her double Gs. No bouncy bulging, no nip slips, just lift and sophistication!

Snap up your Get Wet bikini here. 

Our latest range called Al Fresco range is the summery fix that’ll delight your existing wardrobe. A lovely hit of yellow, and some beautiful generous and comfortable bottoms that will feel breezy and easy under a floaty skirt. Heaven. Pop into our store in King’s Cross to try it on IRL and see it looking gorgeous in the window. Or email us at if you’d like sizing advice. And, you are welcome to book in for an online bra fitting too! 

We can deliver to you worldwide. We just hope that you get to where you want to go safely and stress free. We have everything crossed for you. Roll on the sunshine, it’s August for crying out loud!!!


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