Meet the Team - Julie, Store Manager + Bra Fitter

Meet The Team - Julie, Store Manager/Bra Fitter

What's your role at Beija?

Store Manager and Bra Fitter.

What's been your favourite project to work on at Beija? 

I really love our Galentine’s event we’ve held for the last few years. It’s a beautiful energy, and a great celebration of both our customers and the brand.

Which Beija set is your favourite?

Forecast Z bra (30FF). It’s perfect for my full, centred shape, and the racerback gives a little extra oomph!

How do you get ready to start your day? 

I’ll do a mini work-out and yoga session for my body, and then some EFT and morning affirmations for my mind.

What’s been your latest purchase?

Could be anything! - An unnecessarily large & expensive mirror for my new flat. Perfect for lingerie selfies!

Favourite piece in your wardrobe?

Olive green Fred Perry bomber jacket.    

Favourite music?

Hardcore to industrial noise metal, and everything in between. 

First artist you want to see when music venues are open again? 

Show Me the Body and Jesus Piece were some of the bands scheduled for a European tour this summer. Hopefully touring is a thing again in the not too distant future (??), would be class to see them play!    


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