Mother's Day with Abbie, Beija London's Designer.

Mother's Day With Abbie, Beija London's Designer.

Yes it might be a Hallmark Holiday, and it can be an upsetting day for some reminding them of loss or bereavement. But also, it is a joyous celebration of Motherhood and it's lovely to feel acknowledged for the emotional unpaid labour that is so much a part of the role. Mothers can feel bypassed, nameless and de-prioritised. Having 1 day in the year when the family takes a minute to appreciate you is glorious, even if it isn't 100% authentic, we'll still take the supermarket flowers! Using our imaginations to create an ideal 'breakfast in bed' scenario is always better than the reality.

A knee in the guts as they climb over to give you a slimy kiss. Spilt tepid coffee, the chocolate picked out of your pain au chocolat, sticky fruit and tacky cards, it's a knife-edge between pure heaven and absolute hell. 

I'll be wearing my Forecast Coral Bra on the day with some lockdown tracksuit bottoms, a top with bogey on the shoulder and some fabulous sunglasses as we indulge ourselves with yet another walk to the playground. Finding that inner zen as we leave the house with toothpaste in our hair, wet socks, back to front underpants and porridge down our fronts. Fab - u - lous!!

For my Mum, I'm getting her a lovely bunch from My Lady Garden and Waves in White. She adores her black one, and with Spring Blooming it's time for some fresh and bright whites! 


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