No To Nudes

By Abbie Miranda

Why Beija are boycotting nudes!

First things first, our skin tones are all completely diverse so to find a nude bra that matches our colouring is not an easy task. Secondly they aren’t particularly inspiring and don’t make us excited to get dressed in the morning. Thirdly and most importantly they really aren’t necessary! Brace yourself for some really great news….

A colourful bra can actually be a great choice for underneath your spring whites! The trick is choosing a shade that compliments your skin tone rather than matches it.

For darker skin tones, a rich red or a deep fuchsia can blend really beautiful against the skin. Our favourites are Forecast Red and Caught Up Fuchsia

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For lighter skin tones, pastels colours work a treat, blush pinks and pale blues are less noticeable than opting for a classic white bra. Our favourites are Caught Up Blue and Tracks Shell.

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If you’re looking to be a little less subtle this season, we’re all for it and so are the catwalks. ‘Bras On Show’ was a big trend for SS21. Whether it is as simple as the straps and top of the bra visible under a dress or as experimental as layering a statement bra over a shirt. Beija are here to provide the goods, in colours that demand to be seen!


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