Out to Swim Angels

Out to Swim Angels

By Abbie Miranda

Out To Swim is the UK's largest LGBTQ aquatics club. Based in London, this team of synchronised swimmers are downright charming, complimenting one anothers shapes with their diversity. How lucky they are to have found ‘their thing,’ an activity that is fulfilling and healthy. A rarity.  

Beija is thrilled to spotlight these babes. To capture their underwater activities and pool side gloriousness wearing the Beija GOAT bikini, Get Wet. Now coming in a top size of 36H, seen here on Becca. We are so pleased with how our bikinis performed. Upside down and all!

Founded 25 years ago, the Out To Swim crew have aquatics opportunities for everyone. Everyone who is respectful, irrespective of any difference in age, sexual orientation, gender, faith, ethnic origin, nationality and any other grounds. They have groups in London, Brighton and Bristol. 

This team highlights the beauty of women united. In pockets of London, in groups and in time en masse, feeling content with their nearly naked bodies. Comparison and judgement free, and appreciative of all our variations.

No idea where we’ll end up ‘having a dip’ this summer. Be open minded, who knows when it’ll stop raining in London this July, but when it does….


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