Padded or soft cup bras?

Padded Or Soft Cup Bras?

By Abbie Miranda

It’s a personal preference which you prefer, and we can see the benefits of both padded and non padded, soft cup bras. At Beija, we are happy to be supplying non padded bras in large cup sizes as our customer really appreciates bras that don’t add extra fullness. We can achieve really good lift without the need for padding, and instead use nice, thin but strong linings that work hard to create a natural but supported shape. A bra without foam will show your nipples a bit more when they’re erect, but everyone can just get comfortable with that.

If you are used to wearing a padded bra regularly, then switching to a bra without any foam can feel very ‘free’ and a bit naked. However, Beija are advocates for foam free designs in large cup sizes, they make your boobs look beautiful and offer a nice sense of delicacy and lightness that is refreshing. 

Some of Beija’s X bras feature a little foam in the bottom cup. This adds a bit of shape and some women that don’t have a lot of boob, really appreciate this. We don’t offer any ‘push up’ bras and we just love it when a woman steps into a space where she is content with her size and enjoys wearing really lightweight soft cup bras that aren’t intended to necessarily make them look bigger.

Smoothness under your clothes is a key component for lots of women, and both padded and soft cup bras can achieve this, it just depends on the fabric on the outside. 

Moulded cups are when the foam, or the outer fabric - usually both together, are squashed and moulded in a hot press. This process forms the layers of fabric into a cone-esque shape. It is a process of elimination finding a moulded cup that suits your shape specifically as it is already sort of determined by the shape and style of the moulded cup. 

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