Perfect Valentines Underwear

Perfect Valentines Underwear

By Abbie Miranda


Tryst is our latest range and the word means ‘a private romantic rendezvous between lovers.’ There's no denying the whiff of hope in the air as humans are getting out and about and more intimate again! Whether that be with our lovers, or our friends or ourselves and our families, February is the time for it. Hugs are back on, and some beautiful, luxury Valentines underwear, in a design that you will wear day to day is key. Friends Jo, Ruby and Ella model Beija’s latest range Tryst. A perfect black lace underwired bra, a lace non wired bralette and a delicate full cup bra, these friends drop into Beija’s X, Y, Z bra categories neatly. Get it girls!
Black lace underwired braPositivity, hopefulness and excitement around the mind blowing journey a woman’s body goes on needs to be brought into the spotlight. To guarantee women feel connected as their bodies and perceptions change with age. Read a bit about Jo, Ruby and Ella’s take on things. They are old friends and all work in creative, theatrical roles. It was a pleasure to capture their friendship and see our collection modelled so delightfully and Beija is really fortunate to be able to witness and capture this female energy.

What are your opinions on your body image and how have they changed over the years?

 Jo: I think my worst trait when it comes to my body image is comparing myself not only to others but to my previous self. It's so easy to be hard on yourself when looking at old pictures, thinking 'I looked good here' in that image of me from 2015... but I quickly remind myself that that was a long time ago and a lot has changed since then in my day to day routine and also the fact I'm just not 19 anymore. I remember not ever being 100% confident in my body at any age. I look back and think 2015 me is my goal yet that version of me wasn't body confident either. So I'm learning to just appreciate my body for what it is now and what it does for me as opposed to how it looks, because I'm sure in 5 years time I'm going to look back and think WOW look at you! Nude underwired bra full supportElla: My feelings around my body image have gone up and down over the years. Growing up I was self conscious and think I avoided looking in the mirror in my underwear. It’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve felt more ‘in my body’ and seeing it for what it is, knowing that the week before my period I won’t feel as great but having an awareness that it’s my hormones talking and not a physical change! Whenever I have a negative thought on myself, I ask myself ‘would you ever think that about someone else?’ And the answer is always no. So why be so harsh to your own body! I’m learning how to celebrate my body for what it is and it all feels incredibly freeing.

High waist brief

How Beija lingerie makes you feel? What makes it special?

Ella: I love trying the different Beija styles and seeing how each range suits my body. The experience of finding my next set is always playful and exciting! I think all of the different ranges and the x y z shapes makes it unique to the individual and like I’m being catered for. Most importantly for me, the material feels luxurious and is also comfortable - that’s everything I look for in underwear!


Jo: Beija is the only lingerie I own. I have always had big boobs for my frame so I've always felt embarrassed by them, hiding them in sports bras and jumpers. Of course as I've gotten older I've learnt to love them and Beija played a big part in that. I can't really explain why they make my boobs look good, they just do! They're pretty, feminine, modern and just hoist all the right places to perfectly frame my boobies. Waiting for the day people wear bras on top of clothes to show them off, my bras are nicer than my clothes!

Navy lace bra

 Your view on relationships vs the quality/value of female friendships?

Ruby: With relationships, these feelings can burn very brightly very quickly, which can be wonderful and exciting, but also upsetting and disheartening when the incompatibilities start to show. My long-term female friendships on the other hand (and I feel very lucky to have this) are the emotional bedrock that keeps me steady. The intimacy and trust that we’ve built throughout the last decade is constantly there - and I know it can’t ever be replaced.

Ruby is in the X Category AA - C cup sizes:  Shop the X collection of bras designed for small cups.
Ella is in the Y Category B - D cup sizes:  Shop the Y collection of bras designed for bra cup sizes B - D.
Jo is in the Z Category DD - H cup sizes:  Shop the Z collection of bras designed for bra cup sizes DD - H.
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