Q&A with Abbie: Our New Freestyle, Wire-Free Bra

Q&A with Abbie: Our New Freestyle, Wire-Free Bra

By Abbie Miranda

We asked our Co Founder and Designer Abbie a few questions about her latest triumph, Freestyle. (Pssst she is wearing it in the photo above)

What are the challenges when designing a wireless bra for larger cup sizes?

Separation and definition of the boobs so that you don't get a mono boob. Usually you build the bra around the wire so there is a skeleton to hang everything on, without a wire it's much harder. We have a 3mm foam sling on the inside of the Freestyle that sort of acts as a hinge for the whole thing. Otherwise, in those top sizes it would feel really unsupported, like carrying your boobs around in a tote bag.

What is deadstock fabric and how hard is it to source?

Deadstock fabric means fabric without a purpose. It has been over-ordered and not used, it might have a small fault like being a shade off the intended colour, or the order may have been cancelled and fallen through the gaps in a deal. It's easy to source, you just have to be open minded to the characteristics of the specific rolls of fabric as there may even be differentiation between the rolls within the batch. 

Will this be something (deadstock fabric) you're looking into doing across all ranges?

Where we can yes! The problem is that if the range sells really well, gets a great response and fits beautifully then we can't top up unless there is another batch of fabric that becomes available. But you can't really trust that that will happen. So we just need to balance it out and make it a workable solution that we can manage within the team.

Do you have any plans to become a more sustainable brand?

Yes, we're working on it everyday and making improvements.

What challenges do you face when it comes to being sustainable?

The big ones are elastane in the elastic and fabric, the dying of fabrics and transporting the goods into the UK. We aim to use recyclable fabrics only from AW22 when we will have enough scale behind us and we can meet the big minimum order sizes for the fabrics.

Do you have plans to make a larger wireless collection?

Yes, Freestyle has been an absolute banger! We want to explore doing this sort of shape in a nice eco bamboo fabric, but still keep it from looking like a sports or sleep bra. 

Interested in our Freestyle, Wire-Free Bra? Check it out here!


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