Sports Bra vs Bralette

Sports Bra vs Bralette

The battle is on.. what’s best? Sports bra or bralette? They both are great and necessary depending on what you have planned for the day, they both serve a purpose. 

For me sports bras are great for exactly that. Sport. (My absolute faves are Shock Absorber sports bras!) They offer amazing support and if you don’t want your boobs to move around all day then these sports bras are for you. If you’re running errands or being a little bit more active on your day off then womens sports bra are your best friend. However, I find for the bigger busts your plain old black sports bra probably won’t make you feel that fabulous and it probably won’t be that comfortable to wear for more than a couple of hours. The sports bra has to fit tight so they don’t move whilst exercising which can become really uncomfortable and suffocating after a while. Even for the smaller cup sizes, sports bras tend to have a lot of material, which can be bulky under clothes. Also, the straps/outline won’t look the best under a pretty top. There is a vast selection of M&S sports bras on offer if these are for you. 

Bralettes to me are the best of both. They offer support and elegance when you’re not quite feeling wearing a bra. For the smaller cups a bralette may be all you need. Who wants wire and boning when you just don’t need it? The thick band offers support and comfortability. Even for bigger busts they are great for that extra bit of coverage and lift on your lounge days. They are designed to be seamless under clothes and allow you to feel feminine and put together. Whether you opt for a Calvin Klein bralette with the halter bralette cross straps or a lace bralette to pop out of t-shirts or even a padded bralette to offer that extra coverage and confidence. At Beija we offer a wireless range in many different styles and colours. My personal favourite is the Stripes X range as it’s super flattering and the fabric is so perfectly soft - Beija offers Stripes in White bralette, Black bralette and Pink bralette. Beija also have different X styles such as black and white lace bralettes, red bralettes etc.


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