Bra Pattern Cutting

Talking Technicals : Fabric Cutting For Bras

By Abbie Miranda

When you’re cutting out pattern pieces for a bra the fabric you are using will dictate how you lay the pattern pieces to maximise the fabric usage and ensure minimal wastage. When we are designing our beautifully well fitting bras we always take in to consideration the way that they will be constructed to make sure we are getting the most out of the fabric that is available to us. That means fitting as many pieces as possible across the length and the depth of the fabric.

If the lace has a decorative edge, you have to make sure that pattern pieces that are seamed together match so that the stitch line is closed and the design of the lace edge is unbroken. Fabric cutting starts with the key element of laying patterns well and it’s a real skill! Read more about the job in an interview here with experienced Fabric Cutter Adrian.Fabric cutting lace fabricThe majority of our ranges use either a single or double edge galloon lace. Single means it has 1 decorative edge, and double means both edges of the strip of lace have a decorative edge. If it is a Corded lace, like our Forecast range uses, it will have a noticeably raised vein of thread, a cord, running through the design of the knitted lace. It’s lush and the texture feels satisfying to touch as you can follow the pattern with your finger tip. Forecast has a nice natural density due to the flowers in the knitted design and the knit of the lace enhances the fit of the bras.Navy blue lace braLuxurious fabric next to your skin, makes for a much more comfortable day than if you've got an irritating bra rubbing you and making you itch in all the wrong places. Lingerie is the beautiful layer sandwiched between your body and your outerwear, make it special and enjoy putting it on in the morning by investing in an upgrade on your 'everyday essentials.' 

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