Technical Design for Big Bra Cup Sizes

Technical Design for Big Bra Cup Sizes

By Abbie Miranda.

Finding a bra that is both supportive and stylish can be much trickier when your breasts are a DD cup and above which is why we have made sure that our range of modern, inclusive lingerie includes a collection of gorgeous Z bras that are available in cup sizes from DD - H and back sizes 30 - 36. These are non padded, wired (and non wired) bras that are minimising and don’t intend to make big breasts seem larger. Padding is out and lightweight but strong full support bras are in!

Beija London Z bras are designed specifically for the full support requirements of big cup bra sizes. For women with bigger breasts, the goal is to find a bra that integrates support and style seamlessly, and at Beija we don’t believe that you should have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. This is why our beautiful collection of Z bras for larger busts are made using the same luxurious fabrics as the rest of the line, the only difference is the addition of some much-needed technical materials and clever construction to help to give the added support and smoothing that bigger bra cup sizes require.

When designing bras for large cup sizes, straight off the bat you have to consider the lifting element. Beija’s top size is 36H, and you can imagine how heavy that is. So you have to think about how the design lines of the cup are going to work around the breast to bring it up and inwards, whilst still giving separation between the cleavage. All the parts have to work together, and collectively they will reinforce the bra. The trick is to not make it look bulky. Therefore, we rely on sweeping, rising lines that not only optically draw your eye upwards, but that mirror your form and create the lift that is so important. We believe that a bra that creates lift is key for comfort so that heavy breasts aren’t sweatily resting on your torso.

The bra’s design will naturally form into panels which you then layer with stronger supporting fabrics, or even double up on layers of the same fabric, just with the grain line in the opposite direction which will enhance the firmness that you need to create an appealing shape in the cup and give a flattering curve. It is structural architecture at its most intimate. The strap apex (where the strap meets the bra) is the strongest aspect of the garment and is where a lot of the weight is distributed from. 

Beija believes that simple is beautiful so we don’t over egg our designs. We stick to 1 or 2 main fabrics and aim to use deadstock fabric as well. The goal is to create a neat bra, one that is streamlined and reliable, cool and unfussy which appeals to women across generations. Therefore we really consider the end usage of the bra. How is it going to serve our customer and enhance her outerwear, and how do we want her to feel wearing it? Basically, like an everyday goddess. 

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