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The Bra Fitting Experience: What Matters?

There is so much variation when it comes to bra fitting styles and experiences. Whether you’re a Marks and Spencer bra fitting loyalist, or a Bravissimo bra fitting works best for you, there is an overarching bra fitting principle you should always expect, and what we at Beija centre our bra fitting service upon.

Comfort is, and always will be, our number one goal. This applies to both how you feel during your bra fitting, and in our bras. One without the other isn’t enough.

We understand the worry that a bra fitting might feel a little awkward, We’ve all had those moments when we’ve been made to feel awful about our cup size, or that there was nothing out there for us (hello every bra fitting I had as a teenager, and my first post-surgery fitting. Total cringe!). This simply isn’t acceptable. We want everyone who steps into our fitting rooms (whether in store or online) to feel at ease, accepted, and genuinely cared for. A proper bra fitting should feel like a unique, personalized experience, that is specifically tailored to suit your subjective bra concerns and fit needs. Your bra fitting should be a positive and uplifting (yes, that pun is completely intended) experience, and what you can always expect from Beija.

‘Being petite, it is almost impossible to find bras that fit me, especially beautiful ones like this. Beija has been a revelation - the whole X range is gorgeous. A friend of mine, who is at the opposite end of the size spectrum (Beija Z) feels exactly the same - which is amazing, really.’ Customer review, 2019.

Comfort is key when it comes to how you actually feel in our bras. There is no point fitting someone to a bra if they find it uncomfortable. If a bra is uncomfortable, we know it will never be worn, and we want our Beija bras to be well loved and not saved for special occasions! We want your Beija bra to be the one that you reach for every morning. Comfortable bras should not be so hard to find! Of course, there are other factors to take into consideration when bra fitting, namely support, style, and shape. However, comfort must be the underlying principle maintaining the balance. There is nothing worse than being told a certain bra is the correct size and fits, when you don’t feel great in it. 

Bra fitting should be an informative experience. Having an in store or online fitting should feel more enlightening than just reading a bra fitting guide. There should always be a discussion as to how a well-fitting bra should look and feel, and it should be made clear to you why a certain size and style has been chosen. When this is the case, not only will you feel comfortable in the bra fitting setting, but you’re also going to feel fab in our bras.

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