The Bra Shopping Checklist for Women with Big Boobs

Bra Shopping Checklist for Women with Big Boobs

As every woman will know, buying a well-fitting bra is crucial. There is nothing worse than having to put up with discomfort from an item of clothing that you’ll likely be wearing all-day, every day. Therefore, wearing a good quality bra that fits properly is essential for everyday comfort. But how do you go about finding that perfect fit? When shopping for bras – particularly online – there are a lot of factors to take into account. This is especially true for women with larger boobs, which can sometimes make the process daunting. Unpadded full support DD plus braAt Beija, we aim to make that process as easy as possible: we offer online bra fittings, in-store bra fittings and you can also make use of our bra size calculator to help find the most comfortable size. Additionally, our Z-category bras are especially designed for women with larger busts, specifically those who have DD-H cups. 

Having trouble knowing exactly what to look for when buying a new bra for a bigger bust? We’ve put together a few pointers to help you find that perfect fit! Read on to find out Beija’s bra shopping checklist for women with big boobs, from comfort and support to style and coverage.Unpadded full support bra DD plusComfort

First and foremost, the most important consideration before making a purchase is that the bra is comfortable. As mentioned, your bra will likely be worn for a large part of your day, so you’ll want to look for one which has the utmost level of comfort. 

Most women will probably be familiar with the pain of having an ill-fitting or uncomfortable bra, but this issue is especially difficult for those with larger busts. Larger boobs in particular can cause back pain, neck pain and rashes, to name but a few common issues!

In addition to physical difficulties such as the pain that having larger breasts can cause, women with large boobs might also find it harder to find bras that fit well. Our specially designed Z-category bras are made to help solve this problem.Unpadded full support DD plus braBut what is it about a bra that determines whether or not it will be comfortable? One of the main considerations when it comes to comfort (especially for those of us with larger boobs) is a suitable level of support.


Having adequate support is an important consideration in terms of how comfortable a bra will be – particularly when it comes to larger busts. With this, there are several components to take into account when shopping for a bra if your boobs are on the larger side. 

Firstly, in order to ensure full coverage and support, the underwire should sit behind your breast tissue (not on top of it!). The front centre of your bra should lie flat against your breast bone and the band should lie level across your chest and back without riding up. Finally, your breast tissue should not be spilling over your cups.

Taking this into account, our team of experts have perfectly designed our Z-category bras to ensure maximum comfort and support. Our Waves range, for example, uses honeycomb patterned lace with strong bones at the side seams and a hook and eye fastening at the centre back. Our Waves range is wired, padding-free and has been developed to ensure maximum support, utilising a rigid tulle net liner in both the top and bottom cup. 

The best part? With our Z-category bras, you need not sacrifice style for comfort! Although comfort and support in a bra is key, there’s no need to miss out on looking and feeling amazing when you can have both!Unpadded full support DD plus braAppearance 

Aside from the crucial physical aspects that you should take into account when buying a bra for large boobs such as comfort and support, appearance is also a factor. For many women with breasts that are a DD cup and above, it can be much trickier to find a bra that is both supportive and stylish.  

But a bra for big boobs doesn’t need to be boring or dull, so why compromise on fashion for comfort when you can have both? All women deserve to look and feel sexy, which is why our Z bras are lightweight and unpadded to help make you feel amazing and confident.

Although our Z-category ranges are cleverly constructed and designed using some much-needed technical materials for added support, we use the same luxurious fabrics as the rest of our line. With our gorgeous lace and stylish colours, you can feel incredible while still feeling comfortable and properly supported where you need it.  

Apart from how the bra looks itself, you may also want to consider how it will look underneath your clothes, too. That is why another point on our shopping checklist for women with big boobs, is the overall shape. 


Aside from the stylish aesthetics of the bra itself, larger busted women may be aware that many bigger bras come with a lot of extra material, which can affect how the bra will look or appear under your clothes. Therefore, one consideration before buying is how the bra will help shape you underneath your outfit.

A good bra will not only be comfortable, stylish and provide the right level of support, but it should also help complement your stunning figure – whether you’re wearing a shirt, a dress, or something else. Buying a properly fitted and well-designed bra can help ‘keep it all in’ – working in combination with your outfit to showcase your elegant figure. 

Our Zephyr bras are perfect for this; they make use of the softest and smoothest material to ever so slightly push your boobs in and keep them comfortably in position. Another example is our Stripes bras, which are designed to feel as if they are ‘barely there’. This bra provides fuller coverage, making sure no bits will be spilling out throughout the day!

Find your perfect bra fit with Beija

So, there you have it! Now you’ve got the bra shopping checklist for women with big boobs. Comfort and support are of utmost importance, so why not book a bra fitting with Beija? We offer multiple options to suit your needs, whether you’d prefer an online bra fitting, in-person fitting or would like to use our bra size calculator

Other crucial aspects of this checklist are how the bras look and make you feel, so come down to Coal Drops Yard in King’s Cross St Pancras to visit our store where you can be properly fitted for a bra, see how it looks and most importantly see how it feels!Coal Drops YardFor more bra advice for women with big boobs, you can read our other articles here

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