#BeijaInspo : The Female Gaze.

#BeijaInspo : The Female Gaze.

A visit to The Whitechapel Gallery to see the Terrains of the Body show was a peaceful encounter where I felt observed by the female artists on display. Their images capture women as both the onlooker and the protagonist, managing to frame the relationship between our public and private lives.

The female figures ability to express identity, whilst communicating individual and collective life experiences is incredible. Usually idealised, the feminine forms captured at this exhibition felt like a canvas for the imagination.

Women appreciating and reflecting on themselves and one another is always a beautiful thing to watch. Wonderful photos, interesting perspectives : ) Icelandic Love Corporation, Where do we go from here? Eve Sussman, 2000Raft Expedition by Justine Kurland, 2001Portrait in Cabinet with Collection by Kirsten Justesen, 2013Untitled (79) by Hellen van Meene, 2000Shades of Skin by Mwangi Hutter, 2001

All work featured is from the collection of The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C. The only international museum dedicated to art made by women. Sorry not sorry boys.

By Abbie Miranda, February 2017.




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