Tips for buying Valentines Day Underwear for your partner.

Tips For Buying Valentine's Underwear For A Partner

At Beija we pride ourselves on our professionalism, expertise and commitment to the theory that 'we don't sell sex.' We are confident talking to males about women's underwear as we know our industry and we know what women want. 

Beija is a space where men can feel safe in communicating about a subject that they are deeply uncomfortable discussing. So guys, don't feel awkward talking to us about what you are looking for, this is literally what we do day in day out and you are not making our team uncomfortable - we are experts in our field.

Here are some guidelines about how to ensure your partner is totally satisfied with her Beija Valentines Underwear, and where to start when picking something out for her from our collection. This Valentines is going to be unlike any we've seen before, how can you make a Lockdown Valentines feel special? What does a date night in quarantine look like? We're here to help and our goal is to make her happy and content in her Valentines underwear, with the added bonus of you, the male, looking cool and considerate.

Step 1 - What bra size is she? What knicker size is she?

If she is already a Beija London customer, we can pull up the size she, or you bought from us on her latest order. Just give us a call on 0044 203 026 9125, or email us at and let us know her name.

Alternatively, we would suggest looking at the label on the bra that she wears regularly. Not the racy lacy red Valentines underwear that you bought her last year necessarily!!

For the brief or thong, here is a quick guideline: Beija Size 1 = UK 6/8. This is a slight woman with narrow hips. Beija Size 2 = UK 10/12. This again is a slight woman with curves. Beija Size 3 = UK 14/16. This is a curvier woman who will have hips that are soft and strong or a shape that is tall and flat. Beija Size 4 = UK 16/18. This is a curvy shape, she may be small with ample curves. If you see a thong labelled OS, this stands for One Size and means it will fit all sizes as it is adjustable.

Step 2 - What bra style would suit her? 

Red is always a good start for Valentines Day Lingerie gift ideas and we have a range called Forecast Red that would suit and ticks all the Valentines Lockdown date night boxes . A bright pink bra and matching bright pink thong or brief would be a fun alternative that is in keeping with the romantic spirit of the day. We would suggest Caught Up Pink for a woman that is bold and modern, after a fuss free aesthetic. If she wears clothes that are soft and romantic, snuggly and girly - then 100% go for Stripes in Pink.

Step 3 - Classic black underwear for Valentines is a fail safe. You cannot put a foot wrong going for either of Beija London's Waves or Stripes ranges. Waves is a classic all rounder with broad appeal for a whole spectrum of ages and shapes. It is lacy, but without any of the old school baggage of your traditional 'Black Lacy Valentines Underwear.' Stripes is an up to date shape in a dynamic fabric that will appeal to a modern woman, with a streamlined and sporty aesthetic.

Step 4 - For bonus points, and to really sell yourself as a considerate partner, slip a Beija Lingerie Wash Bag into the order. This will ensure the set you buy is washed with consideration and that it will last well. 

Step 5 - Feeling overwhelmed? Grab a Valentines Gift Card, you'll need to purchase it asap and we'll get it in the post to ensure it will be there for this Sunday. If you have left it late, we will email you the Gift Card and you can write the code, beautiful handwriting only, into your handpicked card, or print it out and slip it in!

Step 6 - Hurry Up Valentines Day is this Sunday!!! Go with DHL as the shipping method if you're nervous about it arriving in time.

Please don't feel nervous about reaching out and asking us for advise. Honestly, we're here to help and we have a responsibility to open up the dialogue to spread positive messaging around woman's bodies and desires. 

Love from Abbie at Beija xx

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