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Top 5 Bra Fittings

When choosing the right bra, we are often faced with one important question. What bra size am I? The bra fitting process has evolved a lot throughout the years.  Accentuated by the current pandemic, brands have been forced to think outside the box when it comes to bra fittings. We have put together our top 5 bra fitting brands and what you can expect from them.  Here we have  reviewed a mixture of online and in store bra fitting experiences to help you navigate through the bra fitting scene and most importantly to assist you in finding your bra size.

1. Beija London Bra Fitting Service

We offer a free online bra fitting service where you can be fitted from the comfort of your own home. Your fitting will happen be via a secure video link between you and our expert, experienced and lovely bra fitter Julie, who has 5+ years of experience and is also qualified in post surgery and maternity.  No measuring tape needed, as fit is best done by eye. All that is required is that you be wearing your best fitting, or most comfortable bra. At no point will you be braless!! Julie will discuss the fit and which Beija styles will best suit your breast shape. We also offer a fit finder, also known as a bra size calculator via our website, which will ask you a series of questions about how well different aspects of your current bra fits (straps, cup, band) to determine your bra size. We also offer an in-store bra fitting experience at our London flagship store in Coal Drop’s Yard, Kings Cross. This is a really specialised and enjoyable experience, and we promise it will be very different to the fusty bra fitting experiences you might have had in the past! ‘It was great to find such a gorgeous shop and have a bra fitting near me in London!’ Customer review, December 2019.

2. Bravissimo

Bravissimo offer a fabulous bra fitting guide on ‘how to measure your bra size’ over on their website. It is filled with photos and information detailing what to look out for in terms of cup, band and strap issues so you can walk away knowing how your bra should fit. They offer an online fitting service and encourage customers to receive help via the phone, live chat or email. They offer in-store bra fittings, and are available for walk-ins. Bravissimo bra fittings are known world wide for their credibility. 

3. M&S

M&S offer an in-store bra fitting service in the UK. It is a quick and simple process where the bra fitter will use a tape measure to assess your current bra look and fit, bringing some bras to be tried on and adjusting the straps until the correct fit is found. A slightly dated experience however tonnes of experience due to the long-standing service. M&S also offer their online bra size calculator where all a customer needs is their best-fitting bra, a mirror and a tape measure. The calculator will then guide you through how to measure yourself at home.


Cuup are the official pioneers of the online bra fitting in the US.  They have a dedicated fit guide page with many different ways to find that perfect fit. You can chat to their fit therapists online or book in for a video call fitting where you will need a soft tape measure to hand to take your bra measurements. They have 3 fit therapists available 7 days a week. They offer an in-store fit experience too, 7 days a week. Unfortunately, Cuup do not ship internationally. You can use their fit services anywhere in the world however you cannot purchase a Cuup bra to be delivered anywhere other than the US. 
5. Victoria Secret

Every Victoria’s Secret lingerie store around the world has a resident bra-fit expert to help you find your best fit. They do not offer an online fitting service, but they do have a ‘how to measure your bra size’ video where you are taken through how to record your measurements using a soft measuring tape. Once you have found your cup size they also have a ‘style finder’ where you answer a series of questions to find your preferred style. They also offer the option to speak to a fit expert over the phone or engage in a live chat on their website.

There you have it - our top bra fitting guide!


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