Top 5 Nursing Bras

Top 5 Nursing Bras

Breastfeeding women are all totally unique, with completely different desires and needs when searching for the perfect nursing, or a perfect bra for breastfeeding. The world of maternity bras is vast and here is a list of our absolute faves, speaking from experience.

1. Beija London’s X Bras.

Perfect for women who have small breasts that haven’t inflated with milk to such an extent. This collection is designed specifically for AA - C cups and is completely wirefree. This means that you can pop your nipple over the top of the cup to feed, and also slip in a breast pad discreetly. They are not a solution for women with cup sizes over a C cup, however some women don’t grow a lot, even when full of milk!

2. Royce 

Absolutely the best in the game. Years and years of experience and knowledge have enabled this brand to create top notch nursing bras. Our favourite is the 100% double layered cotton style called Blossom. This bra will take you from your late pregnancy through to the breastfeeding months and years! If you have a summer baby, this design is so nice because it’s not lacy so you can wear it just as a top whilst you lay out garnering the healing vitamin D rays from the sun!

3. M&S Nursing and Breastfeeding bras.

If you are looking for a nursing bra that has a more classic ‘lacy lingerie’ look, Marks and Spencers is a really great place to start. Some women baulk at the idea of mumsy, frumpy breastfeeding bras and want to find a nursing bra that helps them to maintain their pre baby identity. At M&S you will find a great range of maternity and post pregnancy bras to suit all different types of nursing, and new baby requirements.

4. Nursing bras and breastfeeding bras in the UK.

The UK leads the way when it comes to well fitting bras for DD plus cup sizes. The level of fit is outstanding and the sizes available is so vast, we are incredibly lucky. When it comes to nursing bras, England leads in terms of level of fit, and design. Here are just a few of the fantastic British brands specialising in maternity bras: Seraphine nursing bras, Panache Sophie nursing bra and Hot Milk breastfeeding bras. 

5. Breastfeeding bras, fabric needs.

Most importantly is that the fabric is natural and dries quickly. 100% cotton, or a bamboo mix is a great choice as it’s stretchy and strong but it washes well! You will be washing your nursing bra daily. It needs to be hygienic, and a comfort to you. Ideally you will have a couple of maternity bras on a rota so you have a selection to choose from. The washing will build up, don’t let it make you feel guilty! Just make sure you have a couple of cotton breastfeeding bras to choose from. Other tip, go for a pattern as it will hide the milk stains!

Once you have finished breastfeeding, or after your pregnancy and the milk has dried up and you are ready to have your boobs to yourself again - whatever they may look or feel like, please come and see us. Beija is here for you for a post breastfeeding bra or post pregnancy bra fitting where we will leave you feeling fabulous and help you to reclaim yourself and your new shape. Congratulations Mamas. Book an online bra fitting here when you’re ready, or come and see us in store for a bra fitting if you are around King’s Cross!


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