Top 5 Stick On Bras (aka Sticky Bras)

Top 5 Stick On Bras (aka Sticky Bras)

Feel like going braless? Us too here at Beija London, in-fact a lot. To quote the great J.J. Cale - “after midnight we’re gonna let it all hang out.” Well maybe not now with this latest lockdown in place, but a girl can dream. While some of our X babes will leave their Waves (lace bralette) in the wardrobe, those of us on the team in the big boobs bra department aren’t ready to place so much trust in gravity just quite yet. 

That’s why, despite us not selling them, we sure do love stick on bras so we thought we would highlight some of the lingerie brands close to our heart who offer this product. See below for our (hotly) debated list of where to find the best stickie bra. 

1. Invisibra

Not the first stick on bra in the market but definitely one of the best. Now, if you want to dress to impress in a dress that is backless and strapless, look no further. We in particular like the lifting backless bra as it provides support for those of us with larger boobs. 

2. Brassybra

Now if you are feeling sassy Brassybra might be the one for you. Actually even if you aren’t feeling that way we still recommend them as their products are pretty versatile and suitable for all sorts of occasions. We are a fan as they were an early advocate in offering bras in a wide range of skin tones. 

3. Sneaky Vaunt 

Now, this is where we would go for a stick on push up bra. Pretty cool that it’s adjustable and is designed to give your cleavage a helping hand no matter its size.

4. Nubra

Now here is an established player in the market, engineering well designed stickie bras since 2002. They are also hand-made in case you were wondering. We appreciate their emphasis on comfort and freedom and their role as trailblazers in this market. 

5. John Lewis 

Apart from providing a stellar product, we also just like the use of ‘winged’ in the name. Now this is somewhere to check out for a reliable, aesthetically pleasing and well priced (£20) adhesive bra. You also have the choice to pair it with your outfit in either almond or black colours - whichever one is more stealthy! 

Right so there are 5 stick on bras where you can’t really go wrong if you are after support and not quite ready to throw all caution to the wind. 

What about if you need a little more support? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. We design specifically for the needs of the cup size at Beija London, so we make sure you don’t have any more material than you actually need - nothing less either for that matter. Depending on your cup size check out our collection - X for wireless bralettes, Y for underwired bras and Z for bras for bigger busts. Also feel free to learn more about how to size a bra or even book an online fitting from the comfort of your own home! It takes 20 minutes, no tape measure and no need to be braless.


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