Top 5 Strapless Bras

Top 5 Strapless Bras

There are some dresses that will look better if your bra straps aren’t visible. That’s just the truth, and for some women that rules out some particular dresses including halter neck and bandeau, strapless designs. If you are confident playing with colour, at Beija we love to make an accent of the bra, to not worry about hiding the straps and to consider making a feature of them! We love bold colours in simple designs and recommend contrasting Citron straps with a red dress, Jade with a black dress, and Red under everything! Nevertheless, we have made a hit list of the top 5 strapless bras including strapless pushup bras, and strapless backless bras for low back dresses. A nude strapless bra that comes in an array of shades is something that Beija strives to make in time, a perfect bra to wear under a wedding dress!

1. The M&S Strapless padded bra.

The Sumptuously soft, padded strapless bra fits all the way up to a 42E. This is incredible! What an amazing range of sizes, and the product is wonderfully comfortable and good quality with lovely finishing that will serve its purpose really well. Available in white, black and classic nude colours this M&S strapless bra is a classic. Though it’s not a backless strapless bra, the design of the underband is pretty and would look nice if visible under a backless dress.

2. The M&S Non-pad strapless bra. 

 The 2pk Non-Padded strapless bra goes up to a size 42D. This is a moulded style, i.e. the fabric has been heat pressed to form its cup shape. This is a beautiful low back strapless bra that is really appealing as it will create a really beautiful natural shape under your strapless dress. It comes in a 2 pack with a nude/ white colour combo and black/ nude colour combination so would be ideal for your holiday!

3. Low Back Strapless bra.

Ok, so it gets interesting here and there is a whole world of solutions that can work to achieve a low back strapless bra look. Firstly being, the low back bra converter. It attaches to the Hook and Eye fastening of your regular bra, but in that, it will change the angle of the fastening so you can wrap it around your body and wear it under a backless dress. This is a cheap option and means you can wear your regular favourite bra for guaranteed comfort.

4. The Strapless Push Up bra.  

You can make a serious impact with a strapless push up bra! It is a great option under a structured bandeau or strapless dress as it will work hard to create a great shape. If you have a small cup size, a padded strapless bra will give you confidence. Under a floaty strapless dress, a padded push up strapless bra might look quite chunky.

5. The Strapless Backless bra.

This opens up the world of stick on bras. They look pretty crazy but are a fantastic solution for small cups. They are fabulous if you are self conscious about your nipples showing. Though, they won’t work so well on cup sizes over a DD cup size. The Wonderbra Ultimate strapless bra is a really great solution for bigger cup sizes, up to a G cup. It has a low front, and back - fastening around your lower rib cage. This strapless, backless strapless style feels strong, so you won’t be hanging out by the end of the night!


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