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Top Bra Brands

1. Beija London is an independent lingerie and swimwear brand made for women by women, responding to the needs of different cup sizes up to an H cup. We love to use our own family, friends and customers in our imagery as we make underwear for YOU. With 3 unique sizing categories (X, Y and Z) we have created a collection that offers carefully considered construction that is beautifully practical, without compromising on style. To help you find your perfect bra fit we offer a free online bra fitting service, an London store bra fitting and also our online Fit Finder guide (bra size calculator). Beija’s founders, Abbie and Mazie, grew up in their family lingerie manufacturing business. With a life long insight into the world of bras, they set out to create a brand which is relatable for many types and sizes of women, with a total disregard of the male gaze. We strive to keep adding to our size range as we continue to grow as a company, to make as many people happy as we can! We are committed to reducing our impact on the planet, giving our products and packaging the longest life possible. Orders are enclosed in a paper sleeve that can be reused and recycled, along side a gorgeous piece of art from a variety of artists.

2. For Love & Lemons celebrates self confidence, femininity and uniqueness, founded in 2011 by best friends Laura and Gillian. It is for women who like to embrace adventure and take some risks! They sell gorgeous lingerie, swimwear, nightwear and also ‘ready-to-wear’ clothing that is very modern, glamorous and feminine. They pride themselves on their ethical factories and charitable donations. FL&L donate any unsold clothes to non-profit charities that help women achieve independence. They do have a size guide on their website, however and they do not offer any alternative fit advice.

3. Third Love cater for all sizes AA - I cup, with a large band range. ’78 sizes, one perfect fit’. Started in 2013 frustrated by ill fitting bras and bad quality, they have plenty of styles for everyone to enjoy. Their Fit Finder can tell you your size in 60 seconds, although you will need a rough idea of your current bra size. If you are in-between cups they do half sizes! They also donate to women’s charities to help women make powerful life changes. They are yet to offer an online fitting service, but do offer a live chat option if you require assistance.

4. YouSwim only sell swimwear however they are on a mission to ‘turn the tide’ on inflexible sizing. YouSwim represent realistic bodies and believe in accepting ourselves as we are. They celebrate and accept body change one year to the next therefore their swimwear is one size, and stretched to perfectly fit your evolving shape. A little on the pricey side (£105) but you’ll never grow out of it. Their pieces are ethical and made in England using European sourced fabrics. They offer a few variations (one piece, high waisted brief, colour) however the fabric and look is the same throughout each style. They are often sold out in most of their styles so be sure to get in their quick if one size fits all is up your street!

5. Cuup believe that the bra should be made to fit you and not the other way around.  Their mission is for every woman to be fitted correctly and in turn offer a lot of fit support. They offer in-store fittings with 3 fit therapists available 7 days a week, online video fittings and a Fit Finder guide. They offer 5 different styles (Balconette, Demi, Plunge, Scoop and Triangle) all simple, soft and weightless against the skin for everyday comfort, A-H cup. The only downfall is they’re yet to ship outside of the USA so you may be disappointed if you fall in love with one of their bras!

6. La Perla is a luxury Italian lingerie, nightwear and swim brand made by women for women (similarly to Beija London). They have 70 global points of sale; boutiques, concessions and outlet stores shipping to more than 40 countries. They offer a vast range of bra styles (all delicate, feminine and elegant) ranging from £70-£400. Their sizing isn’t too clear as the size range varies depending on style. They do have a size chart which I didn’t find too helpful but they do encourage you to reach out to the care team via email if you have any questions. Some styles are up to an E whereas some are only up to a D cup.

7. Calvin Klein is an American brand known worldwide for their designer clothing, bags, loungewear and of course underwear. They’re most known for their lounge bralette style and their soft t-shirt and plunge bras. The lounge style bras do not offer support for day to day but for comfort and lounging at home they are perfect! I would suggest this brand to anyone with smaller breasts that may only like a wired bra for certain t-shirts or dresses as most styles only go up to a D cup. Their prices are very reasonable for a designer brand ranging from £28-£65 and often have plenty of items going into their sale section. They have a series of videos guiding you through their bra sizes and how to find your perfect size. They also offer in-store fittings and you’re more than likely to find a Calvin Klein in most shopping spots all over the world!

8. Victoria Secret for a long time was the go to underwear brand all across the world. It is known for its sexy lingerie from bras and thongs to corsets and bodysuits. If you are looking for something sexy and a little bit ‘costumey’ then VS has some gorgeous feminine and raunchy pieces! They offer an expert in-store fitting service with optional lighting changes within the dressing rooms and a help button for assistance. The stores alone are so glam and gorgeous it’s an experience in itself!!

9. Boux Avenue launched in 2011 creating lingerie, sleepwear and swimwear. They focus on expert fit in luxurious styles, at affordable prices for A-G cups. They offer a luxury concierge service with expert fittings and a gift wrap service. They also have a few videos on their website guiding you threw how to take your own measurements (you will need a soft measuring tape!) You may have noticed the brand all over your instagram feeds as they collaborate with many social influencers, designing and tailoring each collection to their taste.

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