Underwired vs Wireless- What’s better?

Underwired Vs Wireless - What’s Better?

By Abbie Miranda

I’m often asked by customers ‘are underwires bad for me?’, or ‘should I be wearing an underwired bra?’, and the simple answer is- you can really wear whatever you want! There is no definitive answer as to whether underwired or wireless bras are better, it always comes down to your own personal experiences of comfort and support. 

Support is primarily generated from the band of your bra, therefore if the band is secure enough, you should receive the same amount of support whether the bra is wireless or underwired. Underwires are relevant to the structure of the bra, not the support. However, this enhanced structure is what people often misconstrue as increased support. 

This greater control over structure can not only leave you feeling more held in your underwired bra, but will also provide more options in terms of shape. Wireless bras tend to create a rather subdued, rounded, and less-projected shape (and in the worst case, a bit of a monoboob vibe). Whereas, underwired bras allow for a more centred, uplifted, projected, rounded, pointed, shelf-like, and any other silhouette you may want for your boobs! However, as design developments improve, there is an increasing amount of wireless options that do an amazing job at creating shape; so this distinction between wireless and underwired is becoming decreasingly apparent.

Your bra should always be comfortable whether it is underwired or wireless. If you find underwired bras uncomfortable, it is quite likely that you are in the wrong cup size. The wires are the number one source of bra nuisance, discomfort, and pain, so it is so important to ensure your bra is fitting correctly. If you ever feel those wires digging in at the side, try a larger cup size, and you should feel the difference immediately. However, depending on your chest structure and rib positioning, it is absolutely possible that underwired bras will just never feel right. In which case, it is always best to wear wireless.

Unless you have otherwise been told by a medical professional, there is no reason as to why you should only wear underwired or wireless bras. It is always about what you feel best in. I personally think it’s nice to have a mixture of both! Variation is key, that way you have options for very every mood, occasion, and outfit. As long as it is well-fitting, a bra should cause you no bother regardless of whether it is underwired or wireless. 

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