We Are Beija - 27 Women - Laura

We Are Beija - 27 Women - Laura

Meet Laura - pronounced Laor-ah. A PA from London who loves cheese puffs, loathes pointless plastic packaging and is a self confessed gym bunny. Her advice to her 16 year old self, which we can all learn from ‘Do not worry what people say and if you want to follow your heart, do. All experiences are a learning process to become an adult.’

Beija Bras size 

32B/X girl

 How did you feel before, during and after the shoot.

Not having done anything like this before, I felt a little apprehensive beforehand but on the day of the shoot I had an amazing time. The crew made us all feel very comfortable, all the ladies participating were all beautiful souls and afterwards once it all sunk in I must say I felt quite proud to having been involved in such an incredible project.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of being apart of something similar?

Go for it and never be ashamed of your body! The response I had from ladies when I told them about this project was always a "Well done"!! They all want to see real women wearing clothes/lingerie whose bodies are of a similar shape and size as theirs.

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