We Are Beija - Abbie and Mazie

We Are Beija - Abbie and Mazie

What bra size are you?

Mazie - Currently 34D. Before Bonnie came along I was a 32C which was brilliant because I could enjoy X and Y bras!

Abbie - 32F and full of milk. Pre Marcel I was a perfect 34B and was the fit model as my cup size was so steady. Ha, what a joke! When I finish breastfeeding Lua, I will likely go back down to a 34D. I’ll take that.


What is your relationship with each other?

M - Ah man, I love my sis. I feel very fortunate we have the relationship we do. She’s a very special person and gives very good honest advice. We’re entirely different personality wise and skill wise - but we find the same things hilarious. We’re silly, probably too silly.

A - Steady and strong. We’re kind and patient with each other and have a lot of jokes. I’m definitely the big ‘know it all’ sis but working with Maze and seeing all her skills and confidence develop makes me really proud.

What makes your friendship /sistership special?

M - A deep understanding of each other’s personalities I suppose. I think we know each other very well. I predict Abbie’s response to things and get it bang on. We’re a good support for each other. She reassures me on things and I hope I that do the same for her.

A - Growing up with siblings means that you understand why they react the way that they do and you can be considerate to that. Maze and I both are. We spend a lot of time together and have a shorthand way of talking about things as so much ground work is done subconsciously.


What is your relationship with your body like?

M - Much better than it was. I don’t think I would have done this three years ago. After having my baby I’m not mean about it in the mirror anymore. I just want to be strong again. I feel a bit pathetic when I struggle to lift boxes and heavy things. I don’t enjoy my body being weaker than it was before I had Bonnie.
A - Good. I just can’t bring myself to be negative about it when it serves me so well and brought about my family so gracefully. Yes things are a bit soft and milky right now, but I have 2 small children. I know that I will be able to fit into my more structured clothes again, just not right now and I’m fine with that - for now! 

Why do you like wearing Beija?

M - I have my favourites and they just feel right. They’re substantial ya know. They wash well and last a long time. I feel like if I ever had to whip my clothes off for any reason I wouldn’t be embarrassed. I’d feel cool.

A - It’s just neat and cool. I like the colours (big up yourself eh?!) combined with the structured fit. The Yoni branding triangle makes me happy like I’m winking at myself.


What do you like about working with your sister?

M - She’s silly like me and has no space or time for egos. We’re sisters and we’re best friends, this is so soppy I feel sick - but it’s actually true.
A - It’s fun and joyful to share all the wonderful successes. She understands exactly how it feels which is great, and like a relief as no explanation is needed. Also doing the awkward and mundane stuff together makes it so much easier and we can cringe together rather than alone. 

How’s life with babies and the business?

M - I’m 5 months in. It was a real struggle at first adjusting to not achieving half as much as I did previously. I don’t tick off my to do list at any kind of rate and I find that difficult. This is life now - I just do what I can, keep smiling, keep caring, and doing my best!

A - Absolutely wild. My children’s lives are rich with a crowd of people that love them and help us to care for them. They get dragged all around London with me, racing about Coal Drops Yard and experiencing it all. We are lucky and they are really good value, easy going and happy natured. But god it’s hard and really there’s no choice in it. Those bills gotta get paid. It’s good for them to witness the satisfaction I get from my job and enjoy the treats that I work for with an understanding of how they are achieved.


Why do you like creating Beija?

M - It is my dream job. I love creating Beija and building the brand with my sister and our amazing team. Validation and satisfaction comes from our customers and the feedback we get from them. This is why I like doing it. I love our customers so much. I love creating something women like. I feel like they need it too.

A - Designing lovely underwear for our fabulous and endearing customers. It’s such a personal and intimate connection I have with the wearer and I treasure it. The brand identity, developing it and everything that goes along with that is so diverse and fun to do with our team. There’s like a hundred different and interesting things all going on so you can literally feel your capabilities stretching. It’s a good feeling.

What made you want to be a part of We Are Beija?

M - I didn’t, but we couldn’t find anyone else. Just kidding / not really. I love what our friend Amy said “they’re just bodies” - they really are! We all have them, and actually this isn’t a big deal. All bodies are bloody beautiful, they do so much for us! Let’s show them off, look after them, and be nice about them. I wanted to do We Are Beija to get that message out I suppose. Don’t spend a life hating your body - life’s too damn short. Wear that short skirt, wear that crop top and get that bod out on the beach girl! No one cares!
A - This is a special time and it feels important to take stock and recognise that with our baby girls. It's good for you to get out of your comfort zone. If you're reading this and feel inspired to get involved with We Are Beija with your best mate or your siblings / mother, whoever! Please get in touch with us, everyone is welcome! 


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