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Half Way Baby!!

Half Way Baby!!

By Abbie Miranda

We're halfway there to achieving our crowdfunding target and are thrilled with how it's going! Thank you so much to everyone that has got on board so far :) Having our community behind us in this way means so much to us, it's such a buzz!

We have introduced some investor perks which we hope will entice you to join us on this journey! Contributions start at £10.50. 

If you have any questions about our Seedrs crowdfunding campaign, please do not hesitate to ask. Just email us at and we will talk you through this exciting opportunity. If you have already invested don't worry, you will automatically get these perks after the round has closed along with your fellow Beija investors. You also have the option to easily top up your investment via the Seedrs platform if you are close to the threshold and gain the perks you deserve!

No other industry has the same level of intimacy and tenderness as does women's lingerie. It is a privilege to be part of this sector and we welcome you in! Women talk, and they listen and Beija benefits from these connections. Our goal is to have these positive vibrations between women reverberate across society. 

We have a platform, and therefore a great responsibility which we take seriously. Beija is here to heal the damage done by the over sexualisation of the intimates sector. Who remembers the Eva Herzigova ‘Hello Boys’ campaign? Looking back, we wonder what was the real impact of that on women's, particularly young women's well being and experience?

We have work to do, Beija London accepts the challenge. Join our mission and help us to grow this female focussed business making a positive impact!

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*Capital at risk.