We've Upgraded Our Website!

We've Upgraded Our Website!

We’ve Upgraded Our Website!

Here at Bejia, we’re constantly evolving and improving as a brand. When it comes to luxury lingerie, we’re always striving forwards to create the latest and greatest additions to our fantastic ranges. Whether this be revamping our designs, materials or fabric, we’re always looking to refine our practices and provide ultimate quality.

Our latest upgrade to the Beija brand is our stunning new website, which makes it easier than ever for you to find your perfect bra. There are several different ways we can help you find your perfect bra fit, from our fit finder quiz to a bra-fitting session, online or in-store.

Whatever your preferences and lingerie needs, we’re able to cater to your specific tastes! So today, we’d like to give you a tour of our new website, taking you through the different services we have on offer – helping you find underwear that is both comfortable and sexy!

We’ll start with the quickest and easiest and work our way through, from finding your perfect style to finding your perfect size. 

Browse Our Collection

You can browse all our lingerie and bikinis for AA - H cups on Collections. You’ll notice at the top, you can sort by size (AA-C, B-D, DD-H) to make the process of finding your perfect bra quicker than ever. On the left hand column, you can filter size yet further (Small, Medium, Large), but we’d recommend going through our Fit Finder Quiz to find your perfect fit first. Browse through all the magnificent colours Beija has on offer, from Black, to Deep Ocean, Maple, Mustard, Navy, Petrol, Pink, White, and Wine and across our wide range of unique styles, from Stripes, Forecast, Waves, Al Fresco, and our newest range, Fortune.

Once you’ve found a few styles you like, it’s time to find your perfect size! 

Fit Finder Quiz

The first and easiest way to determine your bra size is to use Beija’s Fit Finder Quiz. Taking approximately 3 minutes, our quiz is designed to help you find your perfect fit. Our lingerie has been developed using real measurements from thousands of women, so our bras are made to fit even the most unique shapes and sizes. 

The quiz is very straightforward, consisting of simple questions around what you usually wear, including the bra size (band and cup) and which brand. We also ask how your current bra feels, across the cups, band and straps. Finally, we need to know your boob shape so that we can collate the information to make an accurate recommendation. 

The whole process takes just a few minutes! We can then use the information provided to estimate your bra size. We will then tell you which of our categories this falls into (between X, Y and Z) and which size would be ideal for each of our gorgeous ranges. Bra fitting doesn’t get simpler than that!

Virtual Bra Fitting

If you need a bit more of an accurate fitting and have some more time to spare, then a virtual bra fitting appointment may be right for you. Whether you are curious about your size, unsure which Beija bra is best for you or are even wondering why your bra is uncomfortable, we’re here to help! 

Beija Bra Fit FinderWe’re very excited to assist you with all your bra dilemmas – and we can do so through our free online bra fitting service which takes approximately 15 minutes. This is done over video chat with one of our expert bra fitters, who will take you through the fit of your bra by checking the band, cups and underwire (where applicable). 

Usually you will wear a bra that you wear often or are very comfortable in. Our Beija expert will go through what to expect in a bra that fits well and can make suggestions on how the fit of your bra can be improved and which Beija bras would work best for your shape. There is no need for you to be braless at any point!

Finally, you will be sent a message after your online bra fitting summarising what we’ve discussed. This will include which bra sizes and styles were recommended for your personal size and shape. Ultimately, we aim to provide the same personalised, tailored experience and advice that we offer in-store, but from the comfort of your own home! If, however, you’re based in London – why not pay us a visit?

In-store Bra Fitting

If you would like a more thorough bra fitting, then why not pop in to our flagship store in Kings Cross St Pancras for an in-store bra fitting? We are located only a short walk from the station, in Coal Drops Yard which is just off Granary Square. Feel free to book a ‘browse and fit in-store’ appointment with our expert bra fitter Anita!

The appointment should take about 30 minutes, during which you’ll receive a unique, personalised experience that is tailored to your bra needs. Most of our customers find themselves comfortable in the right size and glowing with confidence after a fitting. It’s amazing what finding your correct fit can do!

Anita has been fitting bras professionally for more than a decade, and her number one priority is to help you find a bra that fits perfectly and makes you feel fantastic. As mentioned, our flagship store is located in Coal Drops Yard on the ground level (next to COS). 

We welcome walk-ins at any time, but we can’t guarantee that Anita won’t be busy in a fitting room with another customer! As such, to ensure you are seen with our full attention, we recommend that you book online, which you can do here. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Check Out Our New Website

We’d love you to browse our new website and some of our new pages.

Our Story - dive into our story, our heritage and the foundations Beija stands for. 

Beija & The Planet - learn more about our ethos, our designs, our materials, our manufacturers, our footprint, and our plans to help our community and the planet.

As always, we love to hear from you! If you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback on our new website, we’re all ears! Say hi at hello@beija.london.


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