What happens in a Bra Fitting Appointment?

What Happens In A Bra Fitting Appointment?

By Abbie Miranda

Although we are all different shapes and sizes, and have varying experiences with our bras, all Beija bra fitting appointments follow the same steps.

First, our fitter will ask you to step into our fitting room and undress down to the bra you are wearing. Once you’re ready, the fitter will enter the fitting room and begin the process of checking the fit of your bra. Normally, the fitter will initially ask what size your bra is, how old it is, and whether you find it comfortable or have any problems with it. All of this information is helpful to not only assess the fit, but to identify and discuss any specific concerns you may have with the fit of your bra(s). 

Next, the fitter will check the fit of your bra’s band. You will be asked to turn around and pull the band away from your back, your sides near your underarm, and to sweep your fingers around the band. The fitter will then proceed to explain what to look for in a properly fitting band, and detail whether your band is spot on or whether you may need to go up or down a size.

After discussing the fit of the band, the fitter will then check the cups. As the fitter will be checking the side of the cups as well as the front, it is likely you may need to turn both front and side on for a proper assessment. The fitter will look at the wire positioning (if you’re wearing an underwired bra), as well as how the cups are sitting against your chest. The fitter will then describe what to look for in the fit of your cups, and whether they are fitting correctly. If they aren’t, the fitter will tell you why and how they can be corrected. 

Once both the band and cups have been checked by the fitter, you will then chat about any miscellaneous fit or bra problems you may be experiencing. This is your personal fitting, so it is important that any issue, no matter how big or small, is addressed. We want to make sure you leave feeling comfortable and supported, so don’t be hesitant to tell us all your bra worries or nuisances!

After this initial chat, the fitter will explain that they will bring through one bra to begin with in order to assess where you sit with our sizing. The fitter will then leave and come back with a bra they know will work well for your shape, and will provide a solid indication of what size you will be in Beija. Once you have this bra on, the fitter will go through the fit of the bra, the style, and confirm with you why this bra fits well. At this point, it is then likely a deeper discussion about style of bras will unfold. This is where the fitter will explain what style of bras will work well for your shape, and what styles may not. 

Based on your aesthetic requests, as well as knowing what will work for you, the fitter will then bring through more bras. The fitter will then either give you some time & space to try the bras on, and will assist when needed, or, will work through each bra with you- it depends on what you find more comfortable and helpful.

Once you have decided on your favourites, the fitter will double check the fit is correct, and run through any final questions or queries you may have. The fitter will show you any other colours the bras come in, as well as the matching briefs & thongs. If you require any other information regarding sizes and styles, the fitter will clarify this for you, otherwise you have come to the end of your Beija fitting appointment and have found your perfect fit.

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