What to do when we're free from lockdown (in Kings Cross?)

Free From Lockdown In Kings Cross

By Abbie Miranda

Busting out of our houses and hitting Kings Cross? Lockdown is coming to an end and the best shops in Kings Cross are waiting for you to visit! Spacious, spread out and beautifully thought out, the movement of people around St Pancras, Kings Cross, Granary Square and Coal Drops Yard is stress free with plenty of room to socially distance. 

When we’re free from lockdown and have managed to motivate ourselves to get back out and about, come and visit the best and newest shopping district in London. Showcasing the best shops in Kings Cross is Coal Drops Yard. Here you will be welcomed to the Beija London lingerie store where you will find well fitting bras and underwear from cup sizes AA-H. If you are feeling extra prepared, book an appointment for a bra fitting in Kings Cross at the Beija London store via their website. (They also offer online bra fittings if you can’t come into London) The tailored service is a great experience that will guarantee a positive impact on your well being as we adjust to the ‘new normal.’ 

The best shops in Kings Cross are independent, small scale and unique. The clothing shops in Coal Drops yard are well curated and cool, offering a modern aesthetic that will resonate with the modern consumer. There are many many great restaurants and bars to visit now we are free from lockdown! Come down, meet a friend and enjoy the spirit of London as we pump wind back into our sails and recover from the impact of the pandemic.

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