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What To Expect From Your Online Bra Fitting

As part of our exceptional bra fitting service, we’ve now introduced online bra fittings for our Beija customers. Realising that bra fitting guides just sometimes aren’t enough, and that not everyone has access to a face to face bra fitting experience local to them, we at Beija knew it was time to extend our top notch service to a modern, virtual and digital format.

So, what exactly does an online bra fitting involve, you ask? We understand that some of you may be feeling a little apprehensive about the process. However, basically, we follow the same process as if we were together in store, but simply from the comfort of our own homes, offices, or wherever else you may be. No more faffing around with tape measures, complex measurements and  confusing bra size calculators, our online bra fittings provide you with personalised, tailored advice suited specifically to your personal needs and requirements.

It’s a chat, via video, between one of our expert bra fitters, and yourself. As bra fitting is best done by eye and product knowledge, it will be super helpful if you could wear a bra you either feel really comfortable in, or that you wear often. A female Beija bra fitter will then take you through the fit of this bra, checking the fit of the band, cups, and underwire (if it’s underwired). Our expert will explain what to look for and expect in a well-fitting bra, and make suggestions (if needed) as to how the fit of your bra could be improved. Together you’ll talk about sizes to try, and what Beija bras will work best for your shape.

The whole process normally takes about 20 minutes, and there is absolutely no need for you to be braless at any point, or to have a measuring tape (we see you Marks and Spencer bra fitting). As we say, Beija is at the forefront of modernising the old school bra fitting method and experience which we believe is no longer suited to the needs of our modern consumer.

“I think it (bra fitting) needs to be more of a norm, easily accessible. For example all I know is to go into M&S and ask one of the middle aged ladies to help me! I Need a modern way of doing this” - Customer response, March 2020.

At the end of your online bra fitting you will be sent a message, summarising what you and your Beija bra fitter chatted about, and most importantly noting the bra sizes and styles that were recommended. The option is there to have a follow up fitting to double check the Beija bras that you have purchased as per our recommendations to ensure you are happy and comfortable with the fit. 

Hopefully this has clarified what to expect from our online bra fitting service. If you have any further questions, please send an email to, or please book in for an appointment.



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