Why Don't All Beija Z Bras Go Up To An H Cup?

Why Don't All Beija Z Bras Go Up To An H Cup?

By Abbie Miranda

When Beija made the move to go up to an H cup, we added in FF cups, GG cups and H cups, so a total of 12 more sizes. We needed to incorporate these sizes into our bestselling shapes so we started with Zephyr. Because the tricot fabric that we use on Zephyr (and Freestyle) is wide, there was plenty of depth in the fabric to handle the new larger cup sizes.Waves is a galloon lace. It has a wavy edge one side and straight on the other. For the Waves lace to fit the new top size bras, and the size 4 briefs that we added too, we had it knitted wider. The Al Fresco lace is nice and wide too therefore fits our 36 H cups, which is the biggest bra cup size that we offer!Beija’s Caught Up and Stripes Z bras don’t go up to an H cup. The top size is 36G. Because of the strap shape on these styles, at the moment, we can’t get it to fit comfortably on the GG-H cup sizes and the elastic running along the underarm isn’t wide enough to support.  The Forecast Z bra is being reworked for 2022 and will go up to an H cup in a different lace. Our current fabric supply isn't wide enough for the bottom cup pattern pieces of the GG and H cup sizes. Feel fee to give us a call on 0203 026 9125 or email us at fitexperts@beija.london for styling and fit advice.


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