Why is Waves Beija's Bestselling Range?

Why is Waves Beija's Bestselling Range?

By Abbie Miranda

In all honesty apart from my children, Waves is my best life’s work. Why? It is the most democratic bra in Beija’s collection in the sense of its broad appeal to women across age and style spectrums. Since launch Waves continues to be the best entry point to our collection and customers tell us it is their go to bra for everyday comfort and luxury. Great fit, simple design, nice fabric, happy boobs.The Beija Waves bras are lacy and non padded, though the lace has a modern feel to it that is untraditional but also a soft romance by way of the wavy edge. The X bra is non wired (wire free) and doesn’t have any padding. The Y and Z bras have underwires and no padding in the cups.All 3 styles have a strong but soft tulle net liner that has incredible lifting capabilities, but is so lightweight and breathable. For a DD+ bra with no padding, the Waves Z bra lifts and minimises which is a feat of engineering! The shape it gives is lifted and neat creating a nice silhouette. Size 34E and Size 2 briefs are the most popular sizes of this bestselling range!

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