Women On The Move : Rebuild

Women On The Move : Rebuild

By Abbie Miranda

'Women are survivors and explorers, and bring things forward' - Helmut Lang. 

This season we are inspired by the See Red movement, and their political feminist posters from the 70’s and 80’s critiquing domestic and social binds. We can’t recommend their book highly enough. They have messages that are right on the nose, are so relevant to nowadays and just wonderfully executed in a medium that is so captivating and forthright. The outcome of the Pandemic has hit women hardest. We need to fight back and re-gain the services we rely on that maintain us and ensure that we can support ourselves and our families financially and holistically. All the things that were so hard won in the first damn place!Maybe it’s the feeling of having been here before, still protesting the same stuff that we were calling out in the 70’s. Maybe we are craving a bit of haziness and longing to zone out after being so on edge all year? Maybe it’s the long shaggy hairstyles we are all sporting, but there is something in the water that feels like women are on the move. We are harnessing some serious power after getting through this last year. And if you partook in any sort of home-schooling at all, if you are managing to cope with the fear of the class bubble bursting tomorrow, you've had a serious test of character to say the least.  Beija Caught Up X BraWe know ourselves better than ever, and we know just how deep those waters run. The energy will come as Spring returns, but the motivation is here already. We need to Re-build. Hannah Gadsby said, in her show Nanette: “There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself.” Makeup is simply a daily tool, for some people, to rebuild ourselves. It’s a quick-fire way to say, “What big eyes I have …” and, “What big lips I have …” All the better to stand my ground with. Every groundhog Zoom call I take, looking at my own tedious face once more, I bless makeup. Because I can rebuild myself any way I want. I can tell my own face I’m powerful.’This quote is really relatable at the moment. We’ve gotta use what we can to feel liberated again, and garner the strength to get back out in the world! Rely on Mother Nature's colour palette, colours like Shell, Orchid, Coral and Emerald. Pick comfort and structure in your underwear to lift your spirits and your boobs. Roll on Springtime, some nice outfits that we didn't get the chance to wear last year brought to life with some banging new Beija bras!Beija Waves Y BraShout out to our models who we are fortunate to have scoped from our community, and who got right on board with Women On The Move! And thank you to Alice of Magpie Vintage for the props :) PEACE.

Abbie x



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