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How do I know if my bra fits correctly?

The centre front should sit flush against your breast bone. The underwire should sit flat against your body with your breast tissue sitting forward of the wire. The band should sit straight across your back. Most of the support should come from the band with the straps lightly lifting up the cups at the apex. If you are unsure please feel free to book a complimentary bra fitting appointment.

My band is rising up at the back, what does this mean?

This means you need it tighter around your body so need to go down a size on the underband. You can find more sizing and fit advice here.

The wire feels like it's digging in, what should I do?

If it is digging in under your arm you might need to go down a size around the body. This will pull the wire back so it can sit snugly by your side and not on your breast tissue. If they are digging in at the centre then you may need a different style with a lower centre front or it may be that you’re in the wrong size. Book in for a complimentary bra fitting and our experts will be more than happy to assist you.

How do I stop my straps from falling down and slipping off?

We have changed the strap quality on our Z bras to help with slipping straps, by increasing the thickness of the elastic. Generally it is best to avoid styles with wide apart straps. Alternatively many of our bras feature a J-hook which draws the straps together at the centre of your back.

I'm more comfortable in a larger back size, what are the benefits of a firmer fit?

We totally get it but it probably isn’t giving you the support that you need, especially if you are a larger cup size. Wearing a firmer fit will take the pressure off your shoulders (the underband should be doing the hard work not your straps!) It will stop the bra moving around your torso which can irritate your skin. It also ensures the wires are sitting back away from your breast tissue under your arms giving a better overall shape.

What makes the fit of your bras special?

They are designed specifically for the needs and requirements of your cup size thanks to our unique X,Y,Z sizing categories(R). Nothing extra and nothing less. Our bras are made for you! They are 'wearer' tested on women of all different shapes, sizes and comfort preferences. Our intention with our designs is to give a natural lifted shape that looks good under clothing. Comfort of course is key. The fabric we use is carefully sourced from suppliers we have worked with for a long time, always exceeding quality and performance tests.

Can I be in more than one category?

If your cup size sits on the border between our X category (AA-C) and our Y category (B-D) or our Y category and Z category (DD-H) then your sister size (a band size smaller but a cup size larger or vice versa) enables you to choose between the two if you prefer the styling on one more than the other!

What is a sister size?

If we don't stock your size or something you have your eye on is sold out in your size you are welcome to try the sister size. This is based on cup volume. You can try going down a size in the band and up a size in the cup or you can go up in the band and down in the cup.

In the X bra, am I a small, medium or large?

A Small X Bra covers sizes 32AA, 32A, 32B, 30B, 30C (typically UK size 8)

A Medium X Bra covers sizes 34AA, 34A, 34B, 32C, 32D (typically a UK size 10)

A Large X Bra covers sizes 36AA, 36A, 36B, 34C (typically a UK size 12)

Can I return the briefs if I have tried them on?

Yes you are welcome to try on over your briefs. However be careful, if there are any single signs of wear they will be rejected by our warehouse due to health and safety. You can review our returns policy here.

Do I have to wear an underwire?

No, you don’t have to wear an underwired bra if you don’t want to! It all comes down to personal preference and what feels most comfortable to you. As support is generated primarily from the band (and not the wires), a well-fitting non-wired bra should feel just as supportive as an underwired one. Underwired bras tend to provide more control in terms of shape. If you are after forward projection, underwired bras are a great option. Non-wired bras work well for a subtle silhouette that adapts to your natural shape. Variation is key, so why not have both within your bra collection.

Which hook should I use on my bra band?

Generally you should use the loosest hook. That way, as the bra stretches through normal wash and wear, you have plenty of room to tighten it. However, if you are pregnant or your weight fluctuates frequently the middle hook first will be best. If you go straight to the tightest hook in a new bra, you probably need a smaller band size. You are always welcome to book in for a free bra fit check with our expert bra fitters online or in-store.

I don't live near the shop, how can I make sure I buy the right size online?

We would recommend booking an online bra fitting appointment. No more faffing around with tapes and complex measurements. Our expert will explain what to look for and expect in a well-fitting bra, and make suggestions as to how the fit of your bra could be improved. Together you’ll talk about sizes to try, and what Beija bras will work best for your shape.

If I change my band size do I also need to change my cup size?

Cup sizes are relative to the band size. This means that a 34D will not be the same cup size as a 32D or 36D. The 32D is actually a smaller cup size, and the 36D is larger. As cup volume changes with the band size, if you change your band size, you’ve also got to change the cup. If you go up a band size, come down a cup size. If you go down a band size, go up a cup size. So, a 34D is the same cup size as a 36C, and a 32DD. Still confused? Book a free bra fitting appointment.

My cups are gaping, what does this mean?

Gaping or puckering cups may not always be due to your cup being too big. First, scoop your breast tissue towards the centre of the cup away from the underwire at the side. This will ensure your boobs are actually in the bra and not caught by the wire. Then, see if your straps could be tightened to bring the cup closer to your chest. If there is still space, assess your underwire at the side. If the wire is clear of your breast tissue and is sitting against your rib, then there is room to try a smaller cup. If the wire is either sitting in the perfect spot or is even too shallow, then it is best to try a different style. If the gaping/puckering is only happening at the top corner of the cup, then this is most likely due to the style and not size. Go for non-padded bras with a stretchy cup. If there is space throughout both cups, then come down a cup size. If you're unsure whether your cups are fitting correctly, book in for an online or in store fitting.

What alternatives to a bralette style do you offer for smaller cup sizes?

You shouldn't have to settle for basic bralettes or common crop tops just because you're petite in the cup. Designed for AA-C cups, our wireless X bras offer light to full coverage, and a variety of shapes. For light coverage and a natural shape, try the Caught Up, Stripes and Waves. Prefer more coverage but without any padding? The Zephyr and Freestyle are for you. If you love coverage and light padding to enhance your natural shape, the Forecast is your go-to style.

Do moulded (or padded) bras provide more support than bras with soft cups?

The answer is no! They’re just a different style. Moulded bras are great for that smooth rounded silhouette, and if you want maximum nipple coverage. However, they aren’t the best for adapting to your unique shape. This can cause cups to gape and sit away from your chest. Soft-cup bras are more flexible in fit, so they tend to flow better with your natural shape & volume. For the smoothness of a moulded bra and the fit of a soft-cup, try the Stripes, Zephyr or Waves.

Will I be the same size in all Beija bras?

It isn't uncommon to own a mixture of bra sizes. Not only does our size and shape tend to fluctuate, but different bras can fit differently, even within the same brand! Although our bras are all designed with streamlined measurements, certain factors can contribute to a different fit. So it is possible you may need to size up or down between styles. Different fabrics, the shape of a bra, the height of the cup, the structure of the cup, wire positioning, and your breast shape can all impact the fit of varying styles. Every bra on our website details the fit of both the band and cup, and compares it to other similar Beija styles. This should help you choose the right size. However, if you're at all unsure book in for a fitting and our experts will be happy to help.

Should I be hand washing my bras?

Yes you should. Ideally with some warm soapy water (even better use a lingerie specific detergent like SOAK). A little rub and a soak and a rinse, then dry flat on your clothes horse. Careful of nails and jewellery causing snags in the fabric! If you are going to use a washing machine, make sure you always put your bras inside a lingerie wash bag first, wash in the drum with similar colours only and set it on a hand wash cycle. Please make sure there are no items with velcro in with your lingerie.

Is there a proper way to put on a bra?

We all have our own method for putting on a bra. Whether it's straps first, twisting, or flipping, most of us probably don't give it a second thought. However, there is a certain technique that will ensure your bra is sitting properly and that is kinder to the bra. Put the straps onto your shoulders, lean right forward and take hold of the underwire/band, position the wire directly underneath your breast tissue, straighten up and fasten the band at the back. Reach into the right cup with your left hand. Pull your breast tissue forward towards the centre and pull the wire back with your right hand. Repeat on the left. Then, sweep your breast tissue at the front of the cups to make sure everything is sitting flush.