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Our bra cup sizes are standard when compared with the rest of the UK highstreet. We offer free returns if it doesn't fit properly (UK only), you can always send it back to us for an exchange or refund. Buy your usual size, but we advise getting professionally measured. Bear in mind that we all have a different preferred fit, some women like their bras tight and secure, others prefer a looser feel. Consider the styling and the fabrication of the bra but also your particular shape, and use your best judgement or get in touch for advice

The X category comes in S, M and L which is fitted to a UK 8 (S) 10 (M) and 12 (L). Large will fit up to a C cup. The Y category fits a B - D cup, these shapes offer wired support with maximum comfort. Our Z category is for the bigger cup sizes, DD - G.


Sized 1, 2 and 3 Beija London bottoms are designed and cut for comfort. The cross sizing is based on standard UK sizing. A size 1 is a 6 / 8, size 2 a 10 / 12 and a size 3, 14 / 16. If you are a small size 10 or 14 and prefer a tight fit, buy the size down. Beija London pants will be the ones that you come to rely on.

Are you an X, Y or Z Girl ?

X Bra - for UK 8,10, and 12
 Soft yet substantial bralette styles without underwires. The X bras are designed to give structure and comfort for the smaller bust, without unnecessary bulk. Sized Small, Medium and Large.


Y Bra - for B up to D cup sizes
Underwired and comfortable bras for B to D cup sizes that enhance your natural shape. For those who want more than your standard t-shirt bra, perfect fit and simple support with uplift. 



Z Bra - for DD up to G cup sizes
For DD to G cups, using the same fabrics as the rest of the line but with the addition of technical materials and clever construction to give the added support the bigger cups need. 


If you are uncertain of your size, use the guide below as a reference. Being fitted professionally and trying on different sizes to find your perfect fit is the most certain method. Returns are always free for UK customers. Feel free to give us a call for any help +44(0) 208 487 7614, Mon - Fri 9am-5pm.


  • Find your measuring tape and wear a medium support, non-padded bra.
  • Take the measurement (in cm) of your underband by wrapping the tape around your body, underneath your boobs. Make sure the tape runs straight across your back and is taut against the skin.
  • Note down the measurement.
  • Wrap the measuring tape around your fullest section. Again, keep the tape measure straight and taut as possible.
  • This number (cm) gives you your cup size letter, note it down.

Now check the table to work out your size

Measurement 1, your underband gives you your bra size. 32, 34 or 36. Measurement 2 will give your cup size. 










68 - 72cm


84 - 86

86 - 88

88 - 90

90 - 92

92 - 94

94 - 96

96 - 98

73 - 77cm


89 - 91

91 - 93

93 - 95

95 - 97

97 - 99

99 - 101

101 - 103

78 - 82cm


94 - 96

96 - 98

98 - 100

100 - 102

102 - 104

104 - 106

106 - 108


Our wired bras, the Y category start at a size 32 B - 36D and Z category from 32 DD - 36 G. If you're a B cup or smaller our X bras are perfect for you. Size Small in the X category fits a UK size 8 , Medium a size 10 and a Large, up to size 12. 

Fit problems & how to solve them

Common problem #1 - Too tight, aka 4 boobs

You need a bigger size. Try going up a size on the under-band. If the wire is digging in, you need a bigger cup size as well.

Common problem #2 - Bra riding up at the back

You need it to be tighter around. Go down a size on the underband. This will give a more secure feeling and pull your straps into the right position giving more lift.

Common problem #3 - Straps slipping off
Totally annoying! Tighten them obviously, and if that doesn’t solve your problem avoid bandeau styles with wide apart straps. Our ‘For Keeps’ range is perfect for narrow or sloping shoulders with the use of a J-hook which brings the back straps together. Halter styles will be well suited to you.

Common problem #4 - Wires digging in
Painful and dangerous, you need to go up a size on the around body. This will pull the wire back so it can sit snugly by your side. If the wires are standing away from your body, or feel like they are slipping down your body, go down a size on the underband.

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