We're taking bookings for online fittings! International delivery available. FREE UK shipping and returns.

Free online fitting service is here!

Our expert fit advice never stops at Beija. We are super excited to be providing an online fitting service that will help you with all your bra dilemmas!

Whether you’re curious about your size, wondering why your bra is uncomfortable, or you’re just unsure what Beija bra is best for you, our online fitting service is here to help.

How does it work?

The process will take roughly 15 minutes, and it involves you and your best fitting bra. You'll answer a series of questions designed to highlight any fit issues you may be experiencing. 

The questions will relate to both your bra fitting history, as well as the fit and feel of your best fitting bra. It is recommended you actually wear this bra whilst taking the survey- to get that real time assessment.

As our fittings are done by sight (no sign of a measuring tape here!) it would be helpful for our fitter to be able to see you wearing the bra. Our survey gives you the choice to upload a few photos that focus on key fit areas. Alternatively, our fitter can contact you for a video consult. However, these are both optional parts to the survey and by no means a requirement.

Once you have submitted your answers, our fitter will be in touch within 48 hours with your personalised fit advice.

So sit back and chill in that bra you love, expert advice is only a few clicks away!




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