Pics for Perks.

We love seeing our bras on your beautiful bodies. It inspires us and shows others that a great bra can make you feel amazing. Send in a selfie and we'll send you a gift voucher!


Send in an image of yourself wearing Beija* to with a short sentence or a few words on how our lingerie makes you feel. 


We will automatically reward every submission with a £10 gift voucher! We know the effort that goes into these seemingly effortless snaps so we want to just say thanks for doing it even if we don't share it.

For any image that we do share we will thank you with a £30 voucher!

Email your entry to:


This is the really important bit! By sending us an image you are agreeing to the full terms and conditions of the incentive. Please make sure you have a read of them - here. 

We can only issue gift vouchers via email so to be rewarded please email your image to


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