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Sizing And Fit


Beija believes your cup size shouldn’t dictate how you shop for lingerie. Using the same fabrics throughout each range, we design three carefully considered bra styles, tailored to meet the differing needs of your cup size category. We tailor our designs to suit your size and shape, so style and fit always go hand in hand.

X Bras: Available in AA-C cup, 32-36 back
Soft wire-free bralettes designed to give structure, without unnecessary bulk.
Y Bras: Available in B-D cup, 32-36 back
Comfortable underwired bras with a little more support to enhance your natural shape.
Z Bras: Available in DD-H cup, 30-36 back
Cleverly constructed, non padded, full cup underwired bras with hidden slings and lining for shape and support.

The UK leads the way when it comes to bra sizing, particularly in the DD+ category. Beija bras are in line with all the major UK retailers. We recommend you purchase the same size as your best fitting bra or the size you were last time you got professionally fitted. If you are uncertain we advise getting fitted in person at our flagship shop in King's Cross London or online via our online bra fitting service.


From the barely-there to the bare-nothing we've got you covered in the bottom department (well kinda). From tangas, to medium, to full, to deep briefs and thongs there is a little something for everyone. All our bottoms feature a 100% cotton gusset liner.

Sized 1, 2, 3 and 4. The cross sizing is based on standard UK sizing. Go for the size up if you don't want to risk a VPL. Some of our thongs are sized OS, this means One Size. They have adjustable sides so that you can adjust them for your personal, perfect fit.

Size 1 is a UK 6/8
Size 2 is a UK 10/12
Size 3 is a UK 14/16
Size 4 is a UK 18/20


Sister Sizes
If something you have your eye on is sold out in your size you are welcome to try your sister size. This is based on cup volume. You can try going down a size in the band and up a size in the cup or you can go up in the band and down in the cup.

The Crossover
If your cup size sits on the border between our X category (AA-C) and our Y category (B-D) or our Y category and Z category (DD-H) then your sister size (a band size smaller but a cup size larger or vice versa) enables you to choose between the two if you prefer the styling on one more than the other!

Size Adjustments
Sometimes you may need to slightly alter the size you order across different styles due to the level of give in the material and shape of the cup, we will always make note of these recommendations in our product descriptions, but if in doubt you are always welcome to email our bra fitting experts to double check.


Common problem 1: Cup too tight. Aka 4 boobs.
You need a bigger size. Try going up a size on the under-band. If the wire is digging into your breast tissue, you require a bigger cup size as well.

Common problem 2: Bra band riding up at the back.
You need it tighter around your body. Go down a size on the underband.

Common problem 3: Straps slipping off.
Totally annoying! If tightening them doesn’t solve your problem avoid bandeau styles with wide apart straps. Many of our bras feature a J-hook which draws the back straps together.

Common problem 4: Wires digging in.
You need to go down a size around the body. This will pull the wire back so it can sit snugly by your side and not on breast tissue.


If you haven't found the answer you are looking for, not to worry, here are your options:






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