Behind every great woman, is a great bra.

Behind every great woman, is a great bra.

There will be women that you come across who just resonate. Something about them that taps into something inside of you. That if you met in real life, you’d definitely be friends. These are the people that push us to experiment, try on different outlooks, who validate our own perspectives and what we think is important.

With the theme of Wild Women this season, the team at Beija has been thinking about the creative women that we look to to feel invigorated, positive and seen. Who intrigue us and give us creative inspiration time and time again. 

3 of the Beija team share their muses."Lorde - Obsessed is actually an understatement. I proudly have made my 4 year old a massive fan too. I love her lyrics, style, the way she dances - EVERYTHING. I think she would be a Waves Woman." Mazie, Co Founder"Pamela Adlon aka Sam Fox from 'Better Things'. I am always in awe of anyone who can pour so much of themselves into a project. The series itself is beautiful, funny, insightful, inspiring... I could watch it for the art and cooking alone!" Fae -Creative Director"Holly Blakey, choreographer. Her show 'Some Greater Class' back in 2015 actually changed my life a little bit. She portrays scenarios and feelings that feel so recognisable to me. Totally shameless. This year saw her sold out show in Southbank Centre and her development as a woman, mother, leader and an artist was very moving and complete." Abbie - Co Founder


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