Let’s start off by reassuring you that there is no judgement when it comes to helping you solve your bra fit woes. We are professional service providers and our greatest joy is guiding people towards a feeling of self appreciation for their body while discovering their bra size. So here we go. Around 7 out of 10 come into our changing room wearing a bra just like this. It might have fit a couple of years ago, it might still ‘do the job’ but it doesn’t spark joy in the wearer. And, though they may be wearing it everyday and might be ‘comfy’, it pales in comparison to the bra that people leave with post Beija bra fitting. It’s sad really, the lack of nurturing we get around how a bra should fit and feel. Sadly we can only assume to add it to the list of issues that are 'not of interest to men, therefore not important'. This isn't your fault, you're not alone and Beija thrives on helping you.

There are only a few simple tips that need to be followed in order to have a better day in a bra that is really working for you. Top of the list is, how are you actually putting your bra on? Some are putting it on back to front and twisting it round, others doing up the clasp and putting it on over their heads like a teeshirt. Try and practice doing it up from behind, dropping your breasts into the cups and doing the clasp up behind your back. It isn't easy and you will get the hang of it, but it will 100% give your bras a much longer lifetime as they aren't being stretched and pulled in ways that will distort and degrade it's materials and construction. Full support minimising non pad braFirst point to check is the centre front of the bra. The part in the middle where the wires meet. Is this panel laying flat against your torso? It should do. If your breasts have been augmented or if your breasts are close together this can be tricky to achieve - However, the centre front laying flush against your body is what we should be aiming for.DD+ minimising non pad braSecondly, is the underwire sitting behind your breast tissue? A real sore point is when the underwire rests on your breast tissue. It needs to be scooping you forward and sitting snugly under your breast. When adjusting your bra, try and wiggle it a little to really get the underwire sitting close to where your breast tissue emerges from your chest. This may mean shuffling the bra upwards on your torso to ensure there isn’t a gap between the wire and the underside of your breast.DD+ minimising non pad braWhat happens when you don't mould all of your breast tissue right down into the lower part of the cups is that you won't be all the way in and therefore may overspill and perceive the cup size as being too small. When actually, with a little time, a bit of adjustment, smoothing and stretching the fabric a little, you can sink well into the cups. Lovely.

Is the under band running straight around your body? ie Not scooping upwards towards your shoulders as shown here, where the under band is too big around.A straight line around your torso, not digging in or creeping upwards means that the around body measurement is working for you. As the majority of the support for your breast weight is coming from the under band elastic, this point is key to ensure a great shape and comfortable fit throughout the day. DD+ minimising non pad braWe offer online bra fittings where you can book a slot to run through any bra fitting queries that you may have. We will help you to find your bra size, and work out styles that will suit your shape and needs. Book your appointment here. See you soon!


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