Things you only know if you're a...Bra Fitter.

Things You Only Know If You're A...Bra Fitter.


 It’s about shape not size.

'Any professional and efficient bra fitter will be able to know your size by eye, and have you fitted in the right bra size on the first (sometimes second) attempt during a fitting. However, what causes challenges in the fitting room is ensuring that a particular style of bra is suitable for the individuals breast and body shape. Every bra fitter has their reliable, favourite bra that will work for most women, nevertheless, a fitting is an incredibly personalised and subjective experience, and only when you have a comprehensive understanding of your lingerie stock will you know what to fit your client in.'


A flourishing of body positivity.

'As we see a gradual and general decline in the overt sexualisation of lingerie both by retailers and independent brands, there has been an encouraging impact felt in the fitting room. We are seeing women who are more confident and relaxed about their bodies, and who know what they want from their lingerie. With an increase in lingerie brands, like Beija London, promoting an inclusive, diverse, and body positivity ethos, the emphasis is now on comfort & style, as opposed to the need to excite a significant other.'


All the emotions.

'As alluded to, bra fitting can be an incredibly personal and sensitive experience for people to endure. I’ve experienced an expansive range of situations in the fitting room, where ultimately, women are able to feel a level of assuredness and guaranteed compassion. There have been many tears, reflective of both challenging life moments, and of joy. Bra fitting in an exceptionally rewarding career where the goal is simply to make women feel amazing.'


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