Instore Bra Fitting Near Me?

Instore Bra Fitting Near Me?

By Abbie Miranda 

Women are after human interaction after more than a year in some kind of lockdown. And what could be more connective and joyful than a bra fitting with one of the lovely team mates at the Beija London underwear store in King's Cross. Our bodies have changed shape after all that time on the sofa worrying. Your boobs may have gotten bigger, and you may be a little wider around. If that rings true, you need to check in with your bra size and see if it's changed. A bra update that will help you to feel kinder towards the body that you have now. One that will help your wardrobe to work for you! Lots of our customers have said that they’ve been wearing only stretchy crop tops and sports bras throughout the pandemic. Everyday, the same comfortable but ugly bras. We love them, we recognise the comfort they gave us when we most needed it. But now’s the time to refresh.Book an appointment for a bra fitting in our King’s Cross store here. We are based in Coal Drops Yard, beside COS and Facegym on the yard level. King's Cross is so accessible via taxi, train and tube and Beija London's lingerie store is wheelchair friendly with a ramp leading straight up to the shop floor. There are plenty of lifts, and wide flat walkways around Coal Drops Yard making it easy to navigate - and very scooter friendly. 

One of Beija London’s bra fitters will greet you and you will have a browse of our lingerie collection. We’ll talk about what you're looking for and how your current bras are feeling in regards to fit and size. By eye, with you wearing the bra that you arrived in - we will be able to gauge your size roundabouts and we’ll get you to put on a Beija London bra in that size, usually from our Waves or Forecast ranges. You may find the underband of your new Beija bra a little bit tight as you get back into the swing of wearing a more supportive bra. It’ll feel different to your stretchy bras, but will bring structure and a neat lifted but natural shape.We will look at the fit and then you will likely try on a couple of different sizes as we find your perfect fit. Once we’ve nailed it - then we’ll bring out different styles in your bra size and the different colours if they are available in the bra designs that you prefer. Then we welcome you to try on the matching bottoms to the bras that you go for! 

We will likely bring out a Get Wet bikini for you to try on, for while you’re there and undressed, you might as well eh? 

The bra cup sizes that Beija offers are 32A - 36H. The bra fitting takes between 20 and 40 mins, there’s no rush whatsoever. We’re sure you’ll appreciate taking a little bit of time for yourself. It’s such a wonderful experience and just really nice to have a woman to woman chat.

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