By Abbie Miranda

I don't know what it is about the See Red feminist press that makes me cry. But their feature at the start of the Women In Revolt Exhibition set the tone of the whole thing. And God it's bloody great being a woman. Sometimes we just need reminding of our courage, and the amazingness in our endurance in the battle for equality. Get down to the Tate and fill up your cup. Back in 2021 we did a campaign called 'Women On The Move' heavily influenced by See Red's work and I got all sentimental.Maybe it's the plight of creative women that just resonates, and the reality that we persevere whilst existing in a patriarchal society that just hasn't really changed that much at all. Equal pay for equal jobs, abortion rights, division of labour in the home, no childcare, nuclear arms - 50 years later, and we're still here. We fight on, we make beautiful art, happy homes, raise babies and commune together. Raging, shepherding and creating, on and on into eternity. Tenacious, but also - as if we have a choice?'Women for life on Earth.' Just to be clear...The world obsesses over our body parts, diminishing us to make us forget that we are actually these divine, intuitive beings that create life, can speak to nature and control the seas.'You start by sinking into his arms, and end up with your arms in his sink.' Lol.

'You can't hug your child with nuclear arms.' : ( Take a couple of hours, a couple of Feminist friends, you need it.

All photos captured at the Women In Revolt Exhibition, various artists - The Tate Britain. Until 7th April, 2024.


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