Free online fitting service is here!

Our expert fit advice never stops at Beija. We are super excited to be providing an online fitting service that will help you with all your bra dilemmas!
Whether you’re curious about your size, wondering why your bra is uncomfortable, or you’re just unsure what Beija bra is best for you, our online fitting service is here to help.


Click the link above to book an allocated slot of time with Julie our expert bra fitter. Julie is the manager of our flagship store and has 5+ years of experience making women happy and comfortable in their bras. She is also qualified in post surgery and maternity. We value your time and getting you to reach bra heaven is our goal! 

As bra fittings are best done by eye, we ask that you have on a bra that you either feel comfortable in, or fits well. At no point will you be braless!

Julie will check the fit of this bra, have a chat to you about any fit issues, and discuss what Beija styles & sizes to try.

It takes just 20 min.



For any quick queries we’ll reply as soon as we can if we’re in the same time zone as you and not sleeping ;)


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