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Best Places to Buy a Bra (from the sofa)

Best Places to Buy a Bra (from the sofa)

To buy or not to buy? The inner turmoil as our ‘trigger’ finger hovers over the mouse or trackpad on the bra we like the look of. As we sit there frozen with indecision - something disrupts our focus, be it the children knocking something over, a co-worker asking a question or whether its 11:57am and we are wondering whether we can get through checkout before our zoom meeting at midday. Oh we know it all too well at Beija London, what do you think we have been doing since working from home? 
See below for some of our musings on comfortable bra shopping from the couch, whether it be a strapless bra, backless bra or even a nursing bra.

1. Beija London

Thoughtful X Y Z sizing categories to cater for all shapes and sizes - non-wired bralettes for AA-C, underwired bras designed to enhance your natural shape for B - D cup sizes and extra supportive bras for bigger busts in DD-H cup sizes. [link to fit+size or the collections]. Our favorites are Waves and Stripes [link to]. Worried about fit? Book into a fitting online or in-store here at [insert link]. Otherwise If you live in the UK returns are free both ways. If you are outside the UK you need to pay the postage of that item coming back to us.

2. The Calvin Klein Bralette

We have talked about this a few times at the office and we always agree that we find the Calvin Klein bralette quite cute. We personally like the cotton variation, there is something cool about matching tops and bottoms in that one. It feels youthful and fresh.

3. Bravissimo Bras

Alotta love to Sarah Tremellin and co. for starting Bravissimo bras 25 years ago. Away from their bras we also like Bravissimo swimwear where if you feel in the mood for a Bravissimo bikini you can go up to an L cup size. We also respect that like Beija London, Bravissimo keep the NHS in mind with their offer of 10% off for frontline workers in the NHS.

4. Victoria’s Secret Bras

Victoria’s Secret, around since the 1970s, is a staple in the lingerie industry. It saddened us to hear that their UK arm has gone into administration in 2020. We in particular like a Victoria’s Secret sports bra for when we are out and about in Victoria, Hyde or Battersea Park given the support and comfort combined with an appealing style!

5. Boux Avenue Bras 

Boux Avenue is a cool lingerie brand to browse given they sell more than lingerie - including nightwear and loungewear. They also have that celebrity factor given their Dragon’s Den patronage. None of us here at Beija have had a Boux Avenue bra fitting but on a zoom call this morning one of our customers did mention that they had their eye on a Boux Avenue strapless bra and we look forward to hearing the review! 

There you have it! Feel free to shop our collection at [insert link], or look at other fit issues [insert link] which we will endeavour to resolve for you.


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